September 27th, 2012

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October Banner Art Contest - Let's Vote!

Welcome, fiends and ghouls, to a very spooky October banner art contest! This month's competitors all chose to submit creepy, eerie, costumed works of art in honor of everybone's favorite holiday, Halloween! Go beneath the LJ cut to decide who wins, and who gets the axe! As always, the poll will be available for a very short 48 hours, so get your vote in before it's too late!

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  • Sara Ou

can someone help me find a similar blouse on taobao?

hello :3 i'm hoping the lovely lolitas on EGL can help me find a similar blouse to this one. I would prefer to have the blouse to be chiffon fabric but im open to other options!

i tried ordering from this seller but it seems as though it will never be in stock because according to the many times the taobao agent and have come to the conclusion that the seller is not trustworthy.

thank you for the help in advance! ^^

My friend's lolita show

Hi, this is my friend with her lolita show. She is a little bit plump but so cute, especially with lolita styles. And i can't help sharing her lolita show pics here.

The two lolita dresses she worn were custom tailored, either for the style or sizes. :) I think she looks cuter than me in lolita dresses.  ^_^

Friend's blue lolita dress

On this pic, she is with a blue classic lolita JSK and a white lolita blouse as well as a yellow lolita handbow. :)

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Looking for local Lolis. Advice? Tips and tricks?

Hello there! I'm Niha and I'm from Mumbai (Bombay), India. I have been a lone loli for a while now and I was wondering if there were any other Indian lolis lurking around in the community. If not, I have tried including lolita in other aspects and parts of my life to help feeling less lonely, drowning in ruffles.

Are there tips and tricks on how to 'recruit' a local lolita army (Haha XD) or convince a friend to become a loli? I'm starting to feel a bit bitter.

This is a picture of me from last year. I haven't taken any pictures of myself lately. Haha.