September 24th, 2012

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Classical Puppets petticoat help!


I am looking for help with petticoats!  I am looking for a great A-line petticoat.
Specifically I am looking at these two petticoats:

Classical Puppets A-Shape Fluffy Petticoat
Classical Puppets A-Shape Super Fluffy Petticoat

Does anyone know the difference between the two, poof-wise?  How much poofier is the super fluffy petticoat?  (Any worn pics?)
Do you have another great A-line petticoat that you can recommend to me?  :D

Thank you so much in advance for your help!
jsk, lolita dress

My first time lolita show

This is the first time i tried to wear lolita styles. Can't say it is very nice but feel the result is not too bad at all. :)

Just wanna show my pics here for ideas. For example, you can give me comments whether i look nice on lolita styles or any suggestion to make me look nicer etc.

All the comments or suggestions are welcome! ^_^

The first one:
Headbow: Infanta Dolly House Headbow (yellow)
Offbrand JSK: Sweet lolita jumper, Light Skyblue Sheep Garden offband JSK
Blouse: Yellow floral printed cotton long sleeves blouse.

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