September 21st, 2012

Personalisationproduct eBay store reviews.

Firstly, I'm a newbie both to lolita and to this community, so apologies in advance for any mistakes in this post.

I've seen a lot of negative attitudes towards buying anything lolita on eBay but I'm an experienced eBayer so my first two loli dresses came from an eBay store [instead of the probably more usual Bodyline] and I reviewed them both on my blog. Here are the links to my reviews if anyone is interested. 

Review of the first dress.
Review of the second dress.

EDIT: Two things. Firstly, the first dress was labelled as a dress and design wise I thought it was meant to be a versatile item that could be worn as a dress or a coat. My mistake, but this was my first ever lolita purchase. So there is no need to have that pointed out again ^__^ Secondly, I shared these reviews because I spent a lot of time searching EGl and the internet at large to find reviews of this store and found a single, neutral review and I thought, even though I'm a newbie, my reviews could add to the seemingly limited pool of knowledge about which eBay stores are good and which aren't.
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im new to this and the Lolita fashion ;n;

ok so im new to all this, and yes im sorry if i did something wrong. i do have a tight budget and i was wondering where i should buy my first jsk from? i was thinking bodyline but i heard alot of bad things about bodyline, but i also heard that anna house is a good place to start. i just don't know where to but one. if you can please tell me where the best place to buy a jsk from. thank you :) oh i forgot to mention that my mom said she could make a jsk for me, but im just kinda worried it will turn into a big mess.

sizing question

I've searched google multiple times, i've read blogs, i've checked the memories. But, I would like the opinions and experiences of people I can interact with and ask questions to, so i came here:) Recently I bought the wonder cookie op, i have a few ap dresses and they all fit very well, but i have never had any experience with unshirred dresses. To those of you ladies with a 34 DD cup or bigger, have you ever been able to fit into an unshirred dress nicely? How generous are the measurements of unshirred dresses? Thanks!