September 20th, 2012

  • rozzy2

Chess Story and Qutieland vs. Taobao sizing question [Update 9.21!]

So this JSK is in stock at Qutieland in a size L-XL, even though on Chess Story's Taobao, they only have size M in stock. Does that mean that Qutieland actually has some in size L-XL already, or are they only in stock per what their Taobao page says?

This is their Little Ballet Summer JSK.

Also, Chess Story lists their max measurements for size S-M As Bust 96, Waist 80. However, Qutieland says they run small, and lists the max as 90cm and 74 cm. It does have shirring in the back, but my measurements are 92 and 77. Would I be pushing it if I ordered the S-M size?

Anyone else have an experience like this where they're just barely over the max by a few cm? Is it worth it to try ordering this anyway? It's such a small difference.


Did some snooping and apparently the max measurements on Chess Story garments are actually quite larger than what they say! Also, this dress is just about knee-length on shorter frames, around 5'-5'4". There is also some glittery accents on the roses but it doesn't show up in the stock photos. The website says it's lined with cotton.

Just thought it would be helpful in case someone wants to order this. Thanks!

Bodyline shoes sizing

Hello egl!

I would like to order these shoes form Bodyline


I know there were problems about the sizing of Bodyline shoes before, and I'm not quite sure which size would be good for me.

I have measured the inner size of one of my shoes,and it's 27.5 cm long. Should I order the 275 one, or do they run small/big?

Thank you for any help!