September 19th, 2012

Should I buy this AP dress or wait?

Hi everyone,
I was wanting to ask all of you a question.  I am pretty new to Lolita and want to buy my first name brand dress besides Bodyline.  The one on my wish list is any of the Whimsical Vanilla-Chan dresses, meaning both JSKs and the OP, in any of the colors.  I was wondering which one would be better for me to search out?
But my big question on the matter is that if the Tiered JSK has a bit of shirring in the back would it stretch larger around both the waist  and the bust? The waist being 69cm and the bust being 86cm.
If not I will still try and get one of the others that are at least 4cm larger in both.
Please help me. =(

Here are a few examples from Hello Lace of the back with shirring.
More info on Hello Lace:

Pictures at conventions

So this is a post completely for curiosity's sake, as I've seen many lolitas who go to conventions because they love both anime and lolita and are very into the convention scene, and lolitas who are less into anime and go to cons mostly for meeting other lolis and maybe some shopping. On that same note, I've seen (and met) both lolitas who don't mind being asked for their picture at conventions, and those who consider it sort of rude.

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Lolita at weddings: How not to attract attention with my outfit

Heya everyone! I'll be attending a wedding in June and I was told that I was not allowed to come in lolita. I have to wear something casual formal. Well I dont want to go and waist my money on something formal that I will never wear again. I still want to wear lolita but more downtoned. As the person getting married has only ever seen me in my OTT outfits and thinks all lolita is like this. She's afaid I'll be stealing the show from her:P I've decided on wearing just one colour and no prints or polka dots as I'm afraid it will attract too much attention. Im not sure if I should wear a petticoatagain because of the attention thing but the dress will look off without one. Any tipps? Or would it be wise not to wear lolita at all? Any style outfit tips?
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Angelic Pretty is opening a Shanghai store?

I just noticed that on AP's site, is says their opening a new store in Shanghai on October 18th.

What does everyone think of this? I don't really have any thoughts in particular other than, "Where did this come from?!" but that's about it. 

If this has already been posted about please let me know and I'll delete this. I scrolled through a couple pages and didn't see anything, but I have no idea when this popped up. 
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How Ye Be Accessorizin' Yer Pirate Lolita, Me Hearties?

Ahoy! I be thinkin' on account of it bein' international talk like a pirate day, and on account of me only havin' one pirate hat which be a bit flea ridden, I'd be askin' what ye all be wearin' to accessorize ye pirate lolita.

I be sure ye have a vast variety of right bonny ideas. I be particularly interested in what ye be wearin' on your legs if ye be wearin' more than just ord'nary ole strip'ped hose, and what other creative accessories ye lasses be wearin'.

((Since today is international talk like a pirate day, and because the only pirate hat I have is a kinda sorry one that I decorated my self (and not particularly well), I'd love to see/hear what other people wear as accessories with their pirate lolita coords.

I'm sure people have a bunch of creative, lovely ideas. I'm particularly interested in stocking/sock alternatives to the traditional horizontal stripped stockings, and other creative accessories.

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Any news about Marrige d'amour print?

Chess Story, a Lolita indie brand put on reservations Marriage d amour on white version a month or so ago.
Expecting release date was early September or middle.
I reserved trough Loli loli paradise and she told me that they are delay.  

Does anyone have any news about the release date?
Who else order this dress and with which shopping service?

Thank you in advance for your information and help.
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