September 18th, 2012

Starting up Accessories Shoppe~ Want some opinions

Hi there everyone! I've been a lolita for a few years now and only recently decided to use egl and the sales comm.
I have a background in making accessories and I was hoping to get some opinions on what kind of things everyone would like to see more of.
  I have been selling 'cute' accessories at local cons for about 2 years, things like silicone creme cupcake keychains, necklaces, phonecharms etc, paperclay accessories, bows and hair ribbons as well as some deco-den phone and iPod cases.
I know that most of this is pretty standard, though I will still sell this sort of thing, but I was curious if people were interested in giving me some of their own opinions on what types of accessories they would like to see more. I'd also like to maybe try some darker toned things as I mostly make sweet lolita and fairy kei style things right now.

Thanks a lot!
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Videos from San Francisco J-Pop Summit

Hey everyone! During the J-Pop summit festival a couple of weeks ago, I shot and edited a couple of interviews with some of the local lolitas as well as Fabienne from Baby the Stars Shine Bright San Francisco. Athough the company I work for, Curnchyroll, offers streaming for anime and drama, we also want to cover other aspects of Japanese pop culture, such as fashion. Since I'm the resident lolita in the office, I was tapped to help film and interview for this video. The goal was to offer a brief introduction to the fashion for those unfamiliar with it, as well as highlight some of the girls' personal experiences.

I want to thank everyone who helped me with this project, either by agreeing to be interviewed, or by allowing me to use their photos and music. Editing is admittedly not my forte (yet!), but I hope you enjoy the videos! If you have any comments or suggestions on what I could do better on, I would appreciate it! 

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Lolita trip to Japan help

Having finally found someone who'll accompany me to Japan next year, I've been flicking through a post here, and pages, but have a few question that the stupid me, couldn't quite get my head around... haha...  ^^'

Mainly, my questions revolve around the shops :)
I want to visit Bodyline and maybe Baby, depending on the amount of money I've saved by that time.
I know nothing of shop etiquette in Japan! 
* Is it like a western shop, where you take things off a rail/stand and take them to a counter?
* Is it okay to go shopping in full Lolita dress? (stupid questions from a stupid person I guess)
* Are you allowed to try on shoes in the shop?
* Are there any specific things I should know about when visiting a shop in Japan? (So I don't look like a complete dick in front of everyone)
* I have a decent grip on Japanese, but are there any phrases I should know in particular?

I'm so sorry if any of these have been asked before. I need them explained to me in simple terms Haha ^_^;
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Let Me Draw Your Coords OuO~♥

I remember doing this before about a year or so ago. Sadly I only got through about three of them when disaster struck with my tablet. Recently my art drive has gone up and I realized I'd really love to draw some coords!!

I would like to say that there's no way I could get through all of them if there's high demand so I'm sorry if you see this later and I'm all drawn out U~U I'll really try to work hard on this! It's good practice, and I LOVE when people want me to draw their coords!!

Please take a look at my art blog for an idea of what my art is like

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