September 17th, 2012

  • xaynie

Lolita Shout-Outs

As I sit here thinking about the amazing lolita friends I've made throughout the years, I've realized that I haven't done enough to tell them how much I appreciate them. I'd like to start this thread so that everyone can give shout-outs & thank-yous to other lolitas who have somehow made a difference in our lives.

Because I know this can potentially get lengthy since we all have a lot of love to give, I'm going to limit each person to 3 shout outs so that everyone gets a chance to say something beautiful to another lolita.

I know we all have lolitas who have, in some way or some form, made a difference in our lives for the better. So let's get started!

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alejandro, gaga

Ask not what your lolitas can do for your cou... wait let me try again

.... ah, forget it. POINT IS.


If so, please either PM me or email me with your facebook account (if applicable) information. Myself and animerei are working on a totally awesome project for Youmacon and need your help!

If you are going to be tied up in Artist's Alley or Dealer's Room the whole weekend, please disregard this message and good luck with your sales :) We need people who will have free time!

You may return to your regularly-scheduled internet browsing.

-posted with permission from wonderfinch
  • bj_1952

Wee bit of help with colors, please.

I am in the process of buying BtSSB skirt Unico in Bloomland in the navy colorway.
My problem is I would like navy maryjanes or some such shoe in navy. Do any of you
know of a Lolita shoe that comes in navy blue? Don't want to pay a fortune for them,
around $50 US would be good. Or what other color shoe do you think would be good with
this skirt?

Second, what color blouse, other than white, might be a good choice?

Thank you all for any help/ideas you can give! :) (link to skirt pictures)

Bodyline charging the wrong amount?

Okay, so, admittedly, I don't know if this mix up is due to Bodyline or my bank itself, but I'll try to explain.

I ordered a pair of shoes the other day, and the total with shipping came to $63 ($53 for shoes, $10 for airmail.) I paid, and everything was peachy. However, I checked my bank statement today, and it only shows Bodyline as having charged me $38.40.

I'm...Not sure what to think, but I wanted to ask if this has happened to anyone else before? I'm waiting to see if maybe...They screwed up, or something, and put a charge for the rest of the transation through.
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