September 16th, 2012

Would it be considered bad taste to wear a loli dress with 'regular' heels? (Also I need wig advice)

So I want to do a Marie Antoinette-inpired look for a convention coming up and I plan to wear this dress with vintage silver peep toe heels and white tights (It's getting cold and I dont want to freeze). What do you think of this idea?
Also, I have found two nice-looking wigs and just want an opinion from someone who is more experienced than me at wig buying :)
Here they are: 1 2
My personal favorite is the first but I'm wary of the inexpensive costume wig.

Bottom line, I would love you have your opinions, critique, ideas, and just general thoughts on my plans. Brutal honesty is welcome.

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ETC Coord help


Sorry, I usually hate these types of posts, but I'm rather stuck and would appreciate some coordination advice.

I own the Emily Temple Cute Bambi Forest print skirt in navy, but it has an elasticated waist and doesn't fit a petticoat underneath so I've always been completely stuck as to what to wear it with and would love to hear your ideas!

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Plus size new loli advice

Hullo. I'm a 25 yr old looking to get into loli and loli fashion. Sadly I dont know how to sew and I'm Plus size. I just measured and I'm 105c bust, 88c waist and 104c waist. Is there any advice ( besides loosing weight XD) that can help me out? I have looked at body line and some bysnowfield stuffs, but Im wondering what else is out there? Thanks for all of your help :)
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Let's play: 'What's that dress!' Help a bigger girl out!

So, Closet Child's naming system strikes again. I've found a very cute dress; a modestly sweet pink AP number with full back shirring, and combing through lolibrary yeilded nothing as to its full measurements. I want to know how far the shirring can stretch, as Closet Child only listed the flat, unstretched measurements. This time, however, I've come prepared! I brought photos with!

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