September 14th, 2012


alter or sell iw jsk?

Hi, I'm kinda newish to lolita and I recently purchased my first brand dress from the current IW sale, the Merry Rose JSK (here. Going by the measurements on the site the dress should have fit nicely, but it turns out that I cannot zip it up fully at the bust. There is back shirring on the dress and it has a side zip. It needs another inch or two to zip up. Was kinda disappointed as the rest of the dress was fine. Now I'm in a dilemma, I'm wondering if I should get the dress altered by a tailor or just sell it. I would really love to modify it if I can, was wondering if it is possible to add some fabric inside the sides or something.

Should I consider a PayPal dispute?

Hi all,

I'm hoping I can get some advice.

A few weeks ago I posted a WTB ad for two dresses. I was pm'd by a girl letting me know her sister ran an online shop and had one of the dresses I wanted from a cancelled reservation.

I emailed the girl and we exchanged emails for a few days. She was able to find and auction for the other dress I wanted. She was very polite and wasn't pushy about money.

She sent me the total and i paid but as she only had a personal account she has to refund me some back (personal accounts can only receive so much ) and said shed email me the next day with a new pp and the tracking number.

A few days past and she didn't get back to me. I sent her another email and she got back to me saying she was busy opening a new store and would get back to me soon.

That was nearly two weeks ago. I have sent her an email stating that if she doesn't get back to me in a week I will open a PayPal dispute.

Just wondering if that seems fair? I don't want to cause trouble, and im not looking to get into a fight with her I'd just really like to have my dresses or at the very least my money back :(

This is the URL for her shop -

Has anyone heard of seen it before? Her sister who first contacted me is - himehinagiku

Like I said I'm not looking to cause trouble just hoping to get in contact with them and sort this out!

Tara :(

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