September 13th, 2012


A Lolita Novel


Rococo, The Renaissance, 18th Century French, Colonial Times, Victorian Period, princess dresses, Harajuku, Living Dolls...Lolita fashion has many inspirations and is known by many names. No matter what you called it, this "ever evolving" fashion is amazing, making every person who wears it feel special, feminine and beautiful. This fashion that was started in Japan spread across the world like wildfire. It took the lavish silhouettes of the Victorian period and made them modern. This modest but "eye catching" fashion stole the hearts of many and gave people a unique outlet to express themselves.

In this book we will follow the lives of three very different young women from New York who was brought together by their love of petticoats, ribbons and frills.

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Lolifying shoes and boots

So it's that time of year, things are getting cold, and I'm balking at the 75-100 dollar price tag of most lolita boots. I'm on the hunt for some cute, inexpensive boots. Ever the thrift-lita, I'm hunting around the local Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent's for boots. 7.99 for a pair of leather, lace-up, heeled-platform, knee-high boots? Oh yes please. However, I know that most of them will need some doctoring long before they could be considered lolita.

What have you done to alter your shoes and boots? Got any tips or tricks? I'm somewhat aware of just slapping a bow on with some shoe clips, but there's sure to be some other way.
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Bodyline's Girl from Forest JSK alteration?

I owned this jsk before in black but I sold it immediatly because I really REALLY hated the bib part "the collar" and
I really hate waisties but I love this jsk and I was wondering has anybody that owned this dress got it altered?
And if you did where did you get it altered? (dry cleaners, seamstress etc...) Also what did you tell them?

I may buy it again because is so pretty.