September 8th, 2012


A New York Lolita in Japan


 I'm Angel.

I have been living Japan since about March.
Being a Lolita in Japan is so different from being a Lolita anywhere else in the World.
Here I feel apart of something bigger.
I get just as many looks as I do elsewhere, but here I get more 'kawaii' from the passersby
As opposed to 'wtf' from passersby in NY.
I once had someone walk as far away from me as possible on a crosswalk when I dressed in Lolita.
That rather upset me.
I did get a few chuckles here in Japan but I knew I was quite an oddity here, (foriegn Lolita) so I tried not to let it get to me.

As a friend and fellow Lolita commented after we went out in Sweet Lolita in Tokyo, "I have never heard the word 'kawaii' so much in my life before today."
I have to say it was quite the confidence booster.
Having complete strangers want photos with you on the street.
So I thought I can't be the only Lolita who has been to Japan in Lolita who has had this kind of reaction to dressing in Lolita here.

How do you deal and feel about passerby comments or expressions when you walk around in Lolita?
For those of you who have dressed in Lolita here in Japan, do you rather prefer the reactions of people here?


Hey everyone! I made a lolita skirt but I don't have the shape quite right, does anybody have any tips they could give me on shaping the skirt?
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