September 7th, 2012


A fitted bed sheet?

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So I recently found an old fitted twin bed sheet in my linen closet. It's a beautiful wine color and I would love to fashion it into a skirt of some sort. Has anyone had any luck turning a fitted sheet into lolita?

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I've used flat sheets before but as this is fitted and elastic all around I'm not sure if I should take the same approach?

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Bodyline Bloomers

I want to get myself a nice pair of Bloomers once the weather get's a little colder (I don't know if my white gym shorts are going to cut it) and wanted to ask if anyone would recommend Bodyline's. They're cheap and the simple ones look ok.

Also, any other brands do you recommend like bodyline, maybe some small brand here in the states would really help in shipping cost.
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Going to Paris and I have some queries...

I'm off to Paris in two days and I have a few questions to ask you all.

First off, I'm going with my boyfriend so I was wondering if the shops have any issues or reservations with 'regularly dressed' people entering the shop? I'll be dressed in lolita so hoping this should help show we aren't just nosey tourists! :)

Secondly, are there any other shops that the Parisian lolis (or any visitor who has a good memory) would recommend that aren't particularly 'lolita'? I know there are some good vintage places so will certainly be looking into those.

Finally, a consideration for all of you. I'm wearing Baby's Stained Glass print in a sort of classic/casual affair and I was quite impressed at how easily such an elaborate print works into a toned down outfit. It got me wondering, has anyone else ever taken what seems to be a piece that would lend itself to an 'OTT' coordinate but actually manged to make something quite casual?

Thank you in advance to all and any answers I receive.
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