September 5th, 2012

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Closet-Child Question

So I've started checking Closet Child religiously recently, after seeing a dream dress of mine for 7800 yen (BTSSB Love Poodle JSK in black), but I've run into a problem. Being a bigger girl, I have to triple-check the measurements of every single dress I come across, and shirring is a fickle thing, varying in stretch from one brand to the next. There's a BUNCH of things I could afford and would want, but when I go to double-check the dress' measurements on lolibrary or something similar, the dress either isn't there, or I have to go wading through everything labled 'gingham switching' to try and find it.

Veterans of closet child, is there an easier way? Am I misreading things or doing it wrong, or has it always been this way? Is my translator just screwing up? I don't want to blow 90 bucks buying it and getting the thing shipped over here, only to find out the shirring is as tight as my purse strings, and I can't zip it up.
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A Lolita Novel


My name is Adelaide and I am working on my first Lolita novel.

The story is about three unique girls who juggle their love of Lolita fashion while trying to find love in the big city. They deal with the financial issues, parental concerns and the social stigmas of being a Lolita.

We meet Sweet Lolita Anais Glass a culinary arts student from Brooklyn New York. She is a genius in the kitchen, loved cooking since she had her first Easy Bake Oven as a child.

She has loved Lolita for years but did not have the freedom to express it until she entered College fearing her parents would not accept such an expensive hobby.

Next we have Xiao Chen Fai aka “Sophia”, a Classic Lolita from the Upper East Side. Though her parents are accepting of her hobby, they are more concerned with her becoming a lawyer and marrying a doctor. She does not want to disappoint her parents but she also knows that they both have different future in mind for her.

Then we have Cynthia St. Claire a Gothic Lolita from Long Island. She adores her adopted family and never wants to put any strain or stress on them, so she works and buys her Lolita with her own money. She is a budding poet, already published at the age 14; she fears that she will eventually have to give up her love of Lolita and poetry to major in something that will make her more money.

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Baby's Heart Bag Material


I just got an used Heart Bag (this one, in white ) and it came with yellow stains. It's no use to take pictures because the stains aren't visible in pictures, they are very light. They seem to be from aging, not from something like a juice/tea.
I tried to look on Baby's website, lolibrary and hellolace but I can't find the material. I'm a newbie when it comes to materials. If at least I knew the material then I would be able to find a way to clean it without damaging.
My dad told me to try using alcohol but it didn't work ><
Also, the lace on the border is "folded", is there a way to iron it?