September 3rd, 2012

EGL's 11th(!) Anniversary

Hi, everyone!

We realized a few days ago that the community's 11th anniversary is coming up on December 29th. So much has happened in the past 11 years, and it's a wonder we're still around. And it's all thanks to you, our awesome, amazing members.

In light of that, we'd like to focus on the members in the upcoming months. During the months of November and December, we'll be hosting lots of giveaways and contests for every member to enter. There are even some you can win just by posting! If you have an indie brand you'd like to feature- or one you'd like to get a prize from- please feel free to suggest it below! We'll be picking up plenty of swag to share with you guys and we'd love to support community members' endeavors while we do it c; (in other words, it can be any indie brand- not just brands that are willing to donate to us!)

We'd also love to see our members contribute in another way- through writing and art submissions. We'll be featuring these on our website in the coming months, so by submitting a piece of art or writing, you're giving us permission to publish them on our website c: If you just want to share a story or piece of art without formally submitting, please say so in your comment.

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Question about Gabalmania wigs on qoo10

I've recently been looking around feverishly for natural looking wigs and I found some inquirys of gabalmania on egl and proceeded to scour the internet for their brand. I found this asian market website called Qoo10 which is apparently connected to gmarket. I found this gabalmania wig for a steal at apparently $38.55 shipped:
...but then I did some looking around a things started to get weird and disheartening. There were other entries of the exact same wig but for twice the price. And I'm still unsure if shipping to the USA really is free. Could someone (more experienced than I am) please help me and explain to me: 
1)The true price of the wig+shipping
2) the difference between the wig linked above and this one:

Debating whether to buy Metamorphose Typewriting Squirrels Dress

I am pretty new to Lolita and am leaning towards Sweet and Gothic styles. However, I am a plus-sized girl having a lot of trouble finding quality brand items. Because I can't wear full Lolita every day, I think I would rather have a couple of high-quality outfits than a bunch of low-quality ones.

That said, I have tried to find reviews on the Metamorphose Typewriting Squirrels A-Line Pinafore dress. I have not found any; mostly people laughing about the idea of typewriting squirrels. Yes, it is silly, but I am a journalist and also love the print. Plus, it will likely fit me even though it is indeed a "sack" dress.

Anyone have any info about this dress? I was thinking of buying accessories now and waiting to get it second-hand, but since it doesn't seem very popular maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy it new?


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