September 1st, 2012

Surface Spell Gothic Lady In Black OP

I was wondering if anyone has purchased the Surface Spell Gothic Lady In Black OP (here: I'm thinking about buying it, but I want to know about the quality of the fabric and lace before I buy. Also, how does it look in real life? Any photographs of what the dress looks like in real life would be much appreciated!

sailor lolita

Hi EGL ladies!

i'm Mana kim from korea.
it's late of summer.
i love sailor style lolita a lot, so i make sailor lolita every summer!

i maked 2 kind of sailor OP for this year>_<

one is made by cotton, reasonable price and comfortable
and other is made by chiffon, and very gorgeous!

we have sailor Teaparty last summer in Seoul
with Dear.Margaret, and Baroque, Haenuli.
i brought some pictures that day!
it was awesome day>_<

i'm planning to other gorgeous Teaparty in Seoul 11th this month.
Japan Kawaii TV and some models will with us.
if any one in Korea now, please Join us>_< !!!

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Community Updates for September

Artwork this month is by gurliebot. You can view more of her work on her DeviantArt.

The General Theme for September is School
With the arrival of September comes the start of (many people's) new school season! If you love incorporating school uniform motifs in your lolita coordinates, displaying your school spirit through lolita fashion, or if you just want to brag about how you can wear lolita to school (I'm jealous!), September is your month to show off!

The Aesthetic Theme for September is Stripes
Stripes are a classic theme in fashion of all periods and styles. Worn vertically, they can make you appear slimmer. Worn horizontally, you're in jail! Just kidding. Stripes have also made their way into many a lolita coordinate, so let's see your stripes, EGL!

Chess Story?

Hello Everyone! I am fairly new to lolita, and I thinking about buying this "Chess Story" JSK from Taobao. It is also on Qutieland but I am planning on using I'm also a bit confused because the Taobao store seems to be set up only to sell this single print (forgive me, I'm new!). Has anyone else ordered it?

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List of various translated from Japanese articles/essays/chatter

For the past week or so I've been really into trying to hunt down various English translations of Japanese articles or even just internet chatter about Lolita. I am especially fond of reading the much older translations, whatever they might be about, as well as Novala's pretty wacky ~lonesome maiden~ ramblings.

Since my list is getting pretty long, I figured I would share this with the comm!

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If any has any more to add to the list, feel free to leave a link! I'm actually particularly interested in finding some more translations of Novala's Soreinu essays.

Edit: Oh! I just found an archived site of a bunch of the Novala translations I was looking for here!