August 29th, 2012

The Splendorific MCM EXPO

Well, this would ordinarily be posted in the London_loli comm, but seeing as I'm really quite sure it's dead and no longer moving, (pity, that) I wanted to ask you lovely ladies--How many of you are going to the MCM EXPO this October? I'm making a special trip to london just for this convention, and I wanted to know how many people would be going in their frills. I don't see too many posts for it every year, so... I wanted to ask. 

A question about replicas in the egl sales

Hi everyone, I just have a small question concerning replicas in the sales comm. I am well aware of the replica ban that was enacted back in July, but I am seeing a few scattered posts with replica jsks. And they even say so in the post "Blablabla Replica JSK/skirt/ whatever" Is there a ban on specific replicas then, not just all of them? I'd really just like to know whats ok and whats not, because I thought that the replica ban meant exactly that- no replicas whatsoever. 
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Dressing Up In School- Resolved

As a beginner in lolita fashion (and other fashions as well from general punk to fairy kei and some kandi kid in between) I've been working on dressing up and going around in public in my "over the top" outfits, trying to learn how to ignore the stares and the whispers behind my back. But with a new principal in school and teachers who try to find every possible way to ruin a student's fun, suddenly I'm doubtful if I should wear some of my more flashy outfits to school or not. A little advice would be very, VERY much appreciated! ;u;"
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