August 28th, 2012

Fixing Damaged Lace?

Hello everyone,

I recently received a beautiful skirt from the sales journal but was horrified to discover that there were gapping holes in the lace! I'm trying to salvage the lace (as although the holes are big, they aren't entirely noticable and haven't ripped off the skirt yet, but they are sorta close!), and was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to 1. mend it or 2. prevent it from tearing further? 

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Fitting and indie brand poll and discussion

Hi everybody! For some time I've been thinking over the idea of making lolita clothes. Since I'd like to focus on more western body types, I'd be happy if we could have a lil survey and discussion on the matter of fitting and materials. Also, if you have any suggestions about items you'd like to see made - you're more than welcome to join, I feel quite chatty. =)

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Washing advice?

I recently bought a black Mary in the Sky with Candy skirt and I was wondering if it can be washed by hand. I'm affraid of ruining the print, but I want to keep cost down by not having to dry clean anything unless I absolutely have to.

I would also like some additional advice/tips/tricks on how to care for lolita clothing, especially brand items and petticoats.

Can anyone recommend any Lolita literature?

I have a wide and varied taste and try to look for books that I’m interested in but thus far I’ve not come across a great deal of books in which any of the characters dress in the lolita fashion. I thought this might be because the fashion is new and isn’t so widespread but perhaps someone here has heard of something (maybe in other languages besides English) that is centred around a lolita? Since the fashion is a big part of my life I thought I would at least try to find something for the bookshelf! I don’t mind picture books and suchlike, just something to read with a cup of tea.
I know this has been asked previously, but that was years ago and the fashion seems to grow year by year so here's hoping that some other loli reading has come up since then. Thank you!

P.S. I have the notorious Kamikaze Girls. Oh! Also, I’m not looking for manga or comic books at the moment.