August 26th, 2012

Question about lolita shops!

Hello EGL Community

I've just finished a lolita dress! Starting another one now ^o^

Please let me know if I'm doing this right or if I'm doing anything wrong >.<

Errm I have a question. Does anyone know of Lolita shops in London, apart from Saisai and Angel Pretty. Actually I've heard of another one in Camden called "Gothic Lolita" or something like that. I can't seem to find it. Is anyone able to tell me the exact location of it?

edit: is the one next to Saisai by any chance?


P.S sorry for my mistakes -__-;;

Bodyline wigs

Was checking out the other parts of bodyline (XD didn't even know that had others) and found a lot of wigs in the cosplay section. Does anyone know the quality or has bought one and could tell me out it? I'm really interested! ^_^


Hey all!

So I'm expecting my first order within the next few weeks, but I'm missing something pretty important... SHOES!

I am going for a classic style, and I am not a fan of tea parties or your standard Lolita shoes. So what's your favorite place to buy non-traditional Lolita shoes? I know mary jane's and oxford's are popular, as well as granny style boots of other lace up mid-calf boots, but I just can't seem to find any I like! I really need at least a pair of some shoes in brown and some in white. I'm cheap, so I don't want to spend more than $50 on them! (I need the money for more dresses! *-* )

I'm very short (5'1") so I prefer heels (around 2 1/2 - 3 inches) because I think they make me look better and lengthen my legs, particularly with a knee-long poofy skirt, it's easy to get lost in it! My shoe size is a US 6-6.5 (23 - 23.5cm).

Thank you guys for the help! >__<

Skiing and lolita?

So, ski season is fast approaching and it's about time to get some new ski gear. 

Unfortunately, a lot of ski gear tends to be pretty atrocious looking, and I have no idea where I can find some cute loli-esque stuff to wear. I know there are a lot of lolita coats and stuff, but I need a good, water-proof, insulated one that is also cute. :c The cutest color  I can seem to find is white, and I don't want to blend in with the snow as there are enough stupid snowboarders on the mountain already. 

So, all in all I need: 

• Waterproof insulated jacket 
• Waterproof snow pants 
• A cute ski helmet 
• Ski boots 

Aaand I need all of it to be cute and preferably matching, just something to fit the lolita aesthetic a bit since there is no way I'm going out in actual lolita. 

Maybe that's a bit too much to ask for, but I'm giving it a shot and asking here. Internet sites would be fine, but even just some photos that show what I want does exists, since I think I'm going to a ginormous ski gear trade thingy next month and I'm probably bound to find something wearable. I've tried googling things like "cute ski gear" and stuff but have not had a lot of luck.

Tea Party by Dentelle & Rubans

Hi frillies :)

Our dear french blog Dentelle & Rubans organise a small tea party for it's own first anniversary !

The party will take place at Bourges, in the center of France on saturday, september 1rst. in a cute tea saloon. Invitation will cost 12€. Please, feel free to ask if you have any question ^^

Kindly, all the staff of Dentelle & Rubans.

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Bodyline printed fabric quality

Sorry Bodyline love is kind of dead so thats why I post this here
but does the fabric of Bodylines printed dresses vary, or is it all the same?
I mean thickness, how easily it wrinkles, how soft it is etc.
These are the prints I'm particularly interested in:

If anyone can say something about the fabric quality of one of the prints (or more) thanks a lot! ^^

Searching for Lolita Dresses

Does anyone know where to buy some cute lolita dress more for a size Small with a 31in/78.7cm bust (that are somewhat affordable) ? I love the dresses from Bodyline but all I've been finding in the styles I love are size M and the bust are too big. I usually wear dresses that are goth to punk to victorian and I've trying to add to the three lolita dresses I have.  I like the plan solid colored ones but I'm looking for some with a print!  I already have top hats, and the shoes but not many dresses to choose from sadly.  if anyones knows any online sites please let me know, there aren't any shops that sell lolita outfits where I live, if you know a shop in south Texas please let me know what it's called and what town it's in!

Thank you everyone who has posted I will be checking them out!