August 21st, 2012

Style: Nerdy Lolita?

Alright. I love designing lolita outfits. I find it incredably easy to get inspired by almost anything to design an outfit. The only reason I don't post them is I don't have a camera!!!

I watch a lot of anime, play a lot of vidio games and watch a lot of shows. I also read commics, read a lot of "nerdy" books and am into any fandom you can imagine. Anime, of corse, Avengers, Star Wars, Star Treck, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pokemon, Angel, Sherlock, Doctor Who... pretty much anything you can imagine. It also spans into My Little Pony and Fairy Kei.

What I was wondering is if I decided to make lolita-inspired co-ords from any of my nerdy obsessions, would it be considered cosuplay or real lolita? I'd really like to make them but don't wanna be outcasted as a cosplayer! Should i make them or just stick to classic-styled lolita?
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My 1st own Hanbok-lolita design

I admit that i'm not very skillful or creative ><
especially my drawing skills
I'm scared to show my lame work to others..
Anyways I drew my 1st hanbok-lolita sketch and outlined design..(front) only
and I can't think of any color to match with it and pattern too/-\
Please give me some ideas or any misconception with this design!!!
belowww the i drew the model very randomly and its a sketch anyways!
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Opinions or Concerns on the new Lolita Sales blog on tumblr?

>reposting with permission of lainnocence.

I saw that there was a blog created on tumblr for lolita sales there. I think it's a great idea but could pose a threat with the reputable feedback and such. I was wondering if there were any other opinions on it?

Note: it's not my blog, and i'm not advertising it, i solely want opinions on the idea in general.

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How much can we strip off before it's too casual?

Umm, hi, sorry to bother, but I have a small question to ask.

Recently some very kind users shared something with me so I decided to go for it. However, I quite sent it without thinking therefore I'm not entirely sure if it's passable dandy anymore. @__@; I'm afraid I have never really seen casual coordinates for this before so I am not too sure where to compare it..

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If it's alright with you may I please know how much of the regular suits I can actually take off/tone down before it becomes too casual? Only if it's not too much trouble however! If I sound like I'm quite red in the face I rather am at the moment. Sorry!!