August 20th, 2012

rin gun

Question for girls who have had brand dresses altered.

I adore AP's Little Birds Symphonia print, but there's no way it would ever fit my bust in its original form, so I was thinking of buying either the jsk or op at some point and having it altered. For those of you who have had dresses altered,

-Was the alteration very noticeable?
-Did it make the dress look/fit odd at all?
-About how much does an alteration like that cost?
-Where did you have it done? A local seamstress/dry cleaner's, or by someone from the lolita community?

-And one last question, I promise... Does anyone know which dress would fit a larger bust size? AP's site says "about 90cm~" for the bust measurement on both the jsk and op. The op looks like it has more shirring, but I could be wrong. I only ask because it would probably be less work for the seamstress in the end if they didn't have to expand the bodice as much..


I have a beautiful lace parasol that I bought in Venice, but the shaft got broken. Any ideas on how to fix it, or what kind of shop I should take it to? Thanks a bunch!

Lolita on tv ad.

Does anyone know who the loli is in the new Jetstar advert? She is star jumping in Tokyo somewhere and is wearing what I think was a red Ap JSK. I only saw it for a second.

For those who don't know what Jetstar is, they are a budget airline in Australia who do lots of cheap flights to Japan. It's check in luggage only, so most of us Aussie lolis fly in Lolita so we can transport our petticoats. Looks like Jetstar started to notice us on their flights.