August 19th, 2012

Best Inexpensive RHS

Hey all!

So I'm thinking about getting some white RHS, but I don't know where to get them from. I'd love to have some Vivienne Westwood's, but I can't afford the pricetag. Do you guys have any suggestions of the best inexpensive RHS? I know there's a huge RHS guide, but it's a bit outdated and doesn't have some of the newer brands I hear about.

I think I like real wood (unless someone can convince me otherwise!) which knocks out Bodyline I'm pretty sure. I've also heard about an*tai*na, but their reviews seem to be very mixed. What do you guys think? (:

Also if you have any sizing tips for the different brands I'd appreciate it! I hear they can be super tricky with sizing. I'm a US 6-6.5, or 23/23.5cm shoe size.

Thank you!!
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Secondhand brand in Osaka/Kyoto?

Hi all

Are there any second hand loli shops in Kyoto and Osaka area? Any recommendations etc?

Planning to visit sometime soon and would like to plan an itinerary accordingly :)

I've found this guide, but I notice that Maiden Clothing and Brand X seem to be the only secondhand lolita shops. I wonder if anyone can recommend any more secondhand lolita clothing shops?
(We've already marked out the brands that we'd like to visit, we're just wondering if there's any good places to find secondhand brand)