August 18th, 2012

Innocent World: Rose Stained Glass?

I'm looking for the sizes on Innocent World's Rose Stained Glass. I'm not sure if Innocent World carries it anymore and I think its rather old, at least it dates back to last year, anyhow.
I love the print. I'd be willing to pay a billion dollars for it. But I'm rather large and don't know if it would fit, hence why I need to know anything about Innocent World's sizing/this perticular op's sizes.
I've only ever seen the OP so knowing if there was a skirt or a jsk would do me a lot of knowledge as well.
Please and thank you!!!

It looks like the following picture:
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[Art post] Boystyle city cat

Sorry to bother... I'm still a bit shy about this ha ha. I made a picture.

(Please click on the thumbnail to enlarge.)

I kind of really like striped stockings. And prince pants. A friend actually laughed when I called them knickerbockers, but at that point I thought it was the term for it... @___@; (I didn't know where to hide after that.)

'Upcycling' old pieces?

Hello Lolitas, I am unsure if sew_loli would have been a better place to ask, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try here first. I am curious about what some Lolitas may do with their old prints skirts/dress when they no longer wish to/can wear them? Obviously one can sell old pieces, but what about when you still adore the print, but don't feel comfortable wearing it or wish to display it on a mannequin. I'm not a very talented seamstress or crafty person so I can't think of much other than turning old prints into pillows or throw blankets, and I would love to hear more ideas.
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