August 16th, 2012

Looking for Angel-themed Lolita Items

     Hello everyone! After much buying, selling, trying different looks, I've come across a slight obsession... The idea of an angel of death look. I own the Intro skirt in white/black from Krad Lanrete and I'm looking for other similar angel/archangel themed, well, anything. I like the Archangel skirt from MMM, but I'm really bent towards more "soft" looking prints and fabrics. 

     Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated! I certainly have gone over my spending limit for a while, but here in 2-3 months I will be getting a license to be working in the medical field and will hopefully have said job by then. Having a few beautiful dream items to keep myself motivated and preoccupied would certainly be nice. 

     Thanks again! 

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French lolitas! Lolitas francaises!

Hello all! :)

My name is Angii and I am an Australian lolita. I am doing an exchange in Poitiers, France for 6 months. I will be arriving in Paris next week (Friday, 24 August) and I’ll be staying there for one week. I would love to meet some lolitas in Paris. Is there anyone with the time and would like to meet up over the weekend (25-26 August)? I speak English and a little bit of French, but I am willing to learn more French and I want to speak more fluently. So I don’t mind if you do not speak English well. Please comment or send me a pm if you are able to help me.

Also, are there any lolitas who live near Poitiers? I would love to meet you too!

Thank you!! xx

Bonjour à tous ! :)

Je m’appelle Angii et je suis une lolita australienne. Je fais un échange depuis six mois à Poitiers en France. J’arriverai à Paris la semaine prochaine (vendredi, 24 août) et j’y resterai pendant une semaine. J’aimerais bien rencontrer des lolitas à Paris. Ait-il quelqu’un qui a le temps et veut me rencontrer sur le weekend (25-26 août) ? Je parle anglais et un peu de français, mais je suis prête à apprendre plus de français et je voudrais parler plus couramment, donc je ne me dérange pas si vous ne connaissez bien l’anglais. Commentez ou envoyez-moi un message si vous pouvez m’aider.

En plus, est-ce qu’il y a de lolitas qui vivent près à Poitiers ? J’aimerais vous rencontrer aussi !

Merci!! xx

Innocent World Oddment Lucky Packs


I'm surprised this isn't up yet!

Innocent World has released another Oddment Lucky Pack for their overseas customers. This time around you can't pick any sizes, and I'm assuming there's not shoes. Still, I can't wait. They're supposed to be sent out in mid September.
For those who don't know, Oddment packs differ from regular ones because they are "B-grade".

※Please be forewarned that since the items are oddments and B-grade items, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

Pack A is 52,500 yen, with an original worth of 250,000 yen. Pack B is 84,000 yen, with an original worth of 400,000 yen.

Sweat Stain Removal

I recently purchased a lavender Tiara Rose JSK set that arrived with absolutely horrible sweat stains. Granted, this was mentioned to me and I saw a picture, it's just...worse than I thought. Does anyone have any experience in removing these types of stains from printed garments? I'm wary of using any of the "home remedies" on prints or putting them through the wash/spot treatments. Would dry cleaning be the best option?

If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it -_-


Scammer Alert: jelly_candies/Announcement About Giftcards

Hi, everyone, just a few more brief announcements today.

First up, the user jelly_candies has been banned after it was revealed that she is a sockpuppet account for the banned scammer megamikawaii (also known as sylphid_dreamer). If you have a transaction pending with any of these users, please contact one of the mods immediately for assistance.

Going forward, if you notice any shady behavior on the community and have a reasonable suspicion that it's related to banned users and scammers, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator with whatever information you have as soon as possible. We typically have the means to look into these kinds of cases a little more thoroughly than the average member, and we're always happy to investigate :) If you're nervous about reporting this kind of activity under your own name, please don't hesitate to report it anonymously here!

Secondly, please be aware that the sale of gift certificates of any kind is absolutely not allowed on this community. The potential for scamming from both buyers and sellers is far, far too great. A seller could easily use up a giftcard before sending it along to the buyer. A buyer could easily file a PP dispute for an empty or invalid giftcard and win. With that much at stake, it seems most prudent to prohibit the sale of giftcards altogether. If you have a giftcard for a lolita-specific outlet that you'd like to unload, you may want to consider offering a shopping service for the store in question. That way, the buyer gets to pick the items they want, and the seller isn't on the line for goods not received or sent.

And that's all for today! As always, thanks for using egl and egl_comm_sales.

(If you have any comments, please make them here. Thanks!)

Juliette et Justine

Please forgive me if this has been addressed, I check the FAQs and didn't see anything. I'm trying to buy a dress from Juliette et Justine for my neice. of course I dont' read Japanese and the Google translator only translates part of the page.
This is the dress she wants and I can't figure out if it is still in stock. I just can't figure the page out. Can someone help me? Again forgive me if this has been answered already. Thank you.