August 15th, 2012

Afro American hairstyles

Hi people^^

So, I'm not really Afro American, since I am Dutch but I do have French/African/Spanish background. My hair resembles that from Afro American people so that's why I'm asking you guys XD I'm sorry if there's already a post like this, I searched for it but I could have missed it, if that's the case please say so. 

In all those tutorials the girls have beautiful straight hair, but I don't have any of that! My hair is frizzy and when it doesn't, it only stays pretty for one day, after I wake up my head is ruined. So my question is, how do you guys do that? When you have some important Tea party with all your Lolita friends, how do you do your hair? 

Since I already have curls, and I have the option to straighten my hair (with product or flat iron) to me buying a wig is just to much money, I'm new to wearing Lolita btw. So please share your experience on curly African hair^^

(Thanks kiracatlover for the inspiration, your post really made me ask the question XD)