August 14th, 2012

Art by Shiho Enta.

Juliette et Justine video compilation- Tea Party Club's 5th Anniversary

Hello everyone!

On September the 8th and 9th The Tea Party Club will be holding their 5th anniversary in London.(click here for more information) Special guests will include the head designer of Juliette et Justine; Mari Nakamura and Mariko Suzuki; editor of the Gothic & Lolita Bible.

Even if you are unable to make it to London, we would still like to involve the entire Lolita community. LoliVlogs have been asked by the Tea Party Club to compile a small DVD for Nakamura, as a thank you gift. We would like to invite you to partake by sending us a small video of you and your friends in Juliette et Justine attire! 

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I'm looking for worn photos of AP's Polkadot Chocolate OP, without a petti, with a petti, and with a belt if possible. :) Some awesome friends of mine bought me a few dresses from Closet Child as a gift, this being one of them, and I have no idea how to wear something without a defined waist line!

Any help would be appreciated! ;)
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Hair Help Please!

Hello EGL! 

I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of Rococo inspired short hair. I have been looking around the internet and cannot seem to find any good ones. My friend is having a Marie Antoinette themed tea party and the dress code is Rococo inspired. I had everything planned then a major heat wave came in and I cannot wear a wig in 105 degree weather. My hair is shoulder length and I cannot think of what to do with it! Help please?!?!

Thank you in advance <3
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Help with International Shipping!

I'm trying to sell something on the egl comm sales and a girl from Brazil inquired about something I was selling. I live in the US. I originally wasn't going to sell internationally but I decided I will at least try but I am totally failing. I looked up prices and could barely find anything. All I found was usps rate which was $47!! She said that's probably ems and she wanted air mail so I searched that for half an hour and can't find anything! Someone who has shipped using air mail in US, help! What shipping service do you use? and What does it cost typically (for shipping a skirt)?
Marby drawn Kyra

Koitsukihime in London, Juliette et Justine design competition and GLB illustration competition

Hi everyone!!! I come bearing exciting news!

I am organising the 1st Juliette et Justine brand party which will be hosted by UK group The Tea Party Club as part of our 5th year anniversary celebrations in London. This event will also be attended by the Gothic & Lolita Bible.

Mari Nakamura (head designer of Juliette et Justine) and Mariko Suzuki (editor of the Gothic & Lolita Bible) have a few words to say to everyone in thanks and have arranged some competitions that anyone can enter, whether you are going to the event or not!

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