August 10th, 2012

Anyone know when Kidsyoyo will be back?

Hey guys!

So I heard that Kidsyoyo was in the middle of an office move so you can't purchase anything from them... anyone have an idea when they will be back? I have a huge order I want to put through. Or is it possible that I can pay the shopping service and they will just buy when it is available?

Sorry... I'm new to this! n__n

Lolitas on Kik!

Just yesterday I downloaded the Kik app to my iPhone. (for those of you who don't know, its basically like a free private texting/chatting service) If any of you have it, feel free to add me! I'd love to connect with some other Lolitas just for funsies :D

Note: I will block you if you use a lot of profanity in conversation, and any strange comments pertaining to my personal life (where I live, phone number, my last name, etc.) will be ignored. Sorry, but I like to be as careful as possible on the internet with private info like that.

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So I ordered my first pair of shoes from Bodyline on the 3rd, so exactly a week ago, and they still haven't sent me any information on the order. I only received the confirmation email saying that in about a day they will send me tracking info and in three days it would be shipped.
I have just sent them an email to their contact email and their paypal email.
Has anyone else had this problem and is there anything else I should do or can do? 

A lot of things like this have been happening to my lately and it really makes me not want to do anything with Lolita anymore :C

Thanks for the help ahead of time <3

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BTSSSB Shipping Error

Hello, I hope someone can help me out, I am really worried.

I placed my first order with Baby The Stars Shine so Bright during their Summer Event Sale.

I paid for my order, and I also noticed they made an error in their Dress list, which they corrected after I mailed them about it.

However, I was supposed to receive my dress yesterday, and on the Canada Post tracking,it says there was an address error. So I called and filed for a ticket, and the Canada Post Sorting Center Supervisor called me, informed me that my package might have been sent back to Japan! I was shocked, because usually they have a 5 day extension to deliver it to me, but he told me that if there was an address error, they ship it back to the sender right away.

So I re-checked my Order XL Sheet, and found out that they made an error in the Address Field:

81560 gelang patah johor malaysia ( Insert my address with Postal Code )

They mixed up My address with someone else's in the field! Although I wrote my address 4 Times during Order Forms, and the Paypal Payments.

So has this happened to someone? I emailed Baby yesterday and today with the latest updates. Canada Post was going to mail back my packaged IF my address was correct. But because it Baby's error, will Baby mail it back to me for free? They made an error in my order for a dress color, and now they mixed up my address and added it onto my shipping address ( I knew they were busy but still )

I will have to wait till Monday, meanwhile, if I do not get shipping back to me by Baby and it is their error, can I file a Paypal complaint?