August 6th, 2012


Offbrand Bonnets

Hi there! I'm looking into offbrand bonnets, particularly handmade ones, and am not having a lot of luck. Etsy searches produced one or two bonnet makers (though mostly historical style) and I have seen a few come and go from offbrand sites, but I was hoping you all would have some better suggestions. Thanks!

A-line vs. bell shaped?

When wearing a lolita dress does the shape of the petticoat really make that much difference in the way the dress poofs?

How would it look to wear an a-line petti under a sweet lolita dress?

I'm just wondering because there are two pettis on clobbaonline. The bell shaped is $42.95 and the A-line is $32.95 and I would like to go with the less expensive one if it will look ok.

Non-lolita shoes with Lolita?

Hello everyone!
I have a question about shoes in lolita. I've got Hallux Valgus / Bunion (deformed great toe) and can't be treaten for it because I'm too young, so I have to wear shoes with good support and Foot Orthoses.

This will limit my choice of shoes, so I was wondering if this kind of shoes or Dr Martens (or even something like this) would go well with Casual Lolita, or even 'normal' Lolita.

I don't wear Lolita yet, but I'm planning to wear it and it's a shame if my limited choice of shoes would ruin it a bit.

English is not my first language, so I'm sorry for all my grammar mistakes!
happy nef

Flat heel shoes (Lolita or non-lolita)

Hey, do any of you guys know about any shoes, no matter they are made for Lolita or not. I know about Tea Party shoes, but other than that I can't think of any others. I find most heels hurt my feet and the Mary Janes i own aren't the most comfy (may have to get some patting them) and really do hurt my feet so keep mind I'm looking for not only flat heels, but also have to be good to do a lot of walking in.

I'm looking more for classic Lolita being that's my main style, but ideas for sweet (more on the mature side please), gothic and what not are also good being they give me ideas neither the less.