August 3rd, 2012


Looking for tea and petticoat time.

Like one of the below posters, I am just doing a little outreach. I live in Dana Point (though I will be moving to San Diego at the end of August), and I would love to slip in some tea/mall travel time. I'm a 21 year old student at Saddleback, so I'm also often in Mission Viejo. I'm actually available today and tomorrow noon and onwards, in terms of immediate days off.

I drifted out of lolita about a year ago, and it would be nice to reconnect and do some coordination shopping with a fellow loli.

A question; how have you all dealt with describing the style/lifestyle? People's smiles drop when you say lolita, because it sounds like you're pimping a pedo-fetish, rather than the lovely, invested hobby it is.

Looking for Pics for my Lolita Panel

My Panel is Lolita 102: Dressing for your Body Type. I looking for pics of Lolita that have body types that can be tricky in Lolita. Specifically I'm looking for Tall, Plus Size, Long Torso, Small chested, Busty, and Short legs or whatever else you have had a challenge with in regards to Lolita fashion. I'm looking for pics showing tips you use to dress for you body type.

For example: A peter pan collar for plus size girls, or added ruffles or trim to a skirt for tall girls, or how you make short legs look longer.

These pics will be used for my PowerPoint to illustrate how y'all make it work. Thanks in advance, and Thanks to the egl community for helping thus far.