July 31st, 2012

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Elpress Capulet Garden - Real McCoy or Red Herring?

Alright, I've spoken to two shopping services and neither were able to procure this dress for me from Elpress. I was browsing qutieland and was surprised to see it there. Do you think that there's more than a snowball's chance in heck that qutieland can get it for me? I'd just about given up hope...

I'm going to email them too but I was curious to see if anyone else had ordered it. Neither LoliLoli Paradise on facebook nor taobaonow could get it.

My one and only problem with Lolita Fashion.

This isn't a rant, or in any way meaning to diss on my favorite fashion that I wear almost everyday, I just want to know peoples opinions on the matter. 

So, I adore Lolita in almost every way, but recently I've found myself almost becoming bored with it. Been into it for about two years, and I've slowly been drifting away from the lolita community and wearing a lot more outfits from other fashion subcultures. 

Looking through Tokyofashion.com I realized why. A lot of the fashion looks really similar (Within the substyles, I mean.) I mean, most Gothic coordinates you see look really similar, and do most sweet and shiro and kuro. Some of the other styles have slightly more variety, but still not too much. 

What I'm am saying is basically that I would like to see more uniqueness in the fashion. And it's sad because when someone does, it seems at least one person shames them for it. 

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Qutieland not contacting me?

(I hope this post is allowed. I can remove it if it isn't ;;)
I sent an email to Qutieland asking about my order price and arrival on the 2nd of July, and they replied to me in around 2-3 days. There were no problems with this.

I have received my package on the 20th, but one problem... they sent me the wrong blouse! I sent them another email:
My order had a blouse I did not order. I ordered the R-series Noble Dame Blouse but I was given a different one instead (R-Series Return of Fantasy IX Mademoiselle Blouse). What should I do?

This email was sent on the 22nd, and I have not gotten any reply yet. Is there anything special that I don't know about that is causing this delay? If not, exactly what should I do? Thank you for your time, EGL community.


I'm going to be attempting Country Lolita for my upcoming mini meetup with a few friends. But my problem is that I've never done country.

I'll be using my Love Nadia OP in pink that I got from Bodyline but from that I have no idea what else to use for accessories.

I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some help! I live in Northern Florida so I don't want to wear a lot as it's like about 100 degrees most days ^^