July 30th, 2012

JetJ's Mere Vierge Sizing Question

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if someone who owns Juliette et Justine's Mere Vierge JSK please tell me what the max measurements are with the shirring that it has? I know that here it states that max measurements, but I'm sure that's not including the shirring. 

Size 1 or 2 is fine, I'd like to know the max measurements for both, actually.

Thank you for any help! 

Empire waist?

Hello everyone, in a bit of a conundrum here. While I know I've seen empire waist JSKs and OPs before, I'm having difficulty finding any photo refs at the moment. I recently acquired a new JSK that, although lovely, sits at an awkward spot, making it extremely silly looking to wear a petticoat with it. Are empire waists generally reserved for casual Lolita with little, or no poof at all? Or is there some super obvious way to coordinate these types of dresses and I'm just too dense to think of it?
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Mfashion lolita fashion show in Holland

Yesterday there was the annual lolita fashion show at the Summer Darkness festival in Holland.
This year the festival had it's 10th anniversary so for the fashion show, so we took 10 years as a theme.
In the show you can see the evolution of lolita in these years.

Mfashion and the models did their best in putting as much styles as possible together
and it was very fun to find some very old items again!

Enjoy the video and make sure to watch it in HD!

Later this week I'll post pictures from the Lolita meetup this day, a lot of girls attended and there
were a lot of photographers, so I am trying to find the best pictures asap.