July 28th, 2012


Please, Help Me with an AatP Print Timeline DONE! (I Think)

I have an idea for a story project based on the prints from Alice and the Pirates. It would be Alice’s adventures through the land of the pirates and would be majorly based off of the prints AatP has released in the order that they released them. However, there are some wide gaps in my print chronology. I have looked up as many as I can using Hello Lace and Lolibrary, but only the years are listed, not the months. I then went to Baby’s San Francisco blog to see the dates on all their reserve posts, but that still doesn’t cover everything! Could I please have help making sure that the timeline is correct? Close-ups of older prints would help a lot too.

Collapse )

Thank you for any and all help, and I hope some of you found the timeline interesting or helpful!

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