July 27th, 2012

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Can't find this website!

Good evening everyone.

I've got some problems right now :c I can't find this lolita dress archive that I found while looking for the name/stock photos of one of my dresses. I found this website a while ago and now I can't find it again, I need to figure out another dress's name/stock photos. D:

It had a purple background I remember, if anyone knows please help me find it!

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EGL Contest Reminder: It's all the rage!

Ahh, does anything inspire more rage than a petticoat wadding up between your legs on a hot summers day, or that bow that insists on coming untied every three minutes?  What about trying to make the perfect outfit for the EGL monthly contest?

Share your lolita rage comics!

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And, of course, don't forget to submit your photo for the EGL monthly contest here.  You can find rules and outlines here.  We are also still looking for new judges, so PM hanabishirecca if you would like to apply.  Thank you!

Lolita blog

Hi~ I have a blog, and its not getting really read...at this point I dont really know what kind of stuff to put in. Its a lolita blog so I try to post my opinions on stuff that is happening. It never seems like enough though..,So my question is: What do you all look for in a lolita blog and what is something you would like to see in a "younger lolita's" blog~
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iPhone Backgrounds - AP, BtSSB, AaTP, IW, Meta, VM, MmM

Hello everyone!

I hope you don't mind me posting again this frequently :)

I made a new batch of lolita iPhone backgrounds and just thought I would share here once again. This time I tried to cater to more lolita styles... I think I kind of went overboard with the quantity, haha. But I really hope you like!

BG total count: 32
Angelic Pretty x 5
Baby, the stars shine bright x 8
Alice and the Pirates x 7
Innocent World x 2
Metamorphose x 4
Victorian Maiden x 1
Moi-même-Moitié x 5

Small preview:
I hope you aren't tired of seeing these, haha. Enjoy! :)
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Lolita petticoat question?

GAH I need to be more organized with this stuff D: Anyway I need a petticoat for my dress. I was gonna make one but that ideas out of the question now..My mum mentioned that I could use knee length bridal petticoats..? Would that be a good idea or should I ask around my local Lolita community and see if someone will lend me one?
Len Kagamine Kitty

Lolita patterns, please?

I'm wanting to make a new Lolita JSK or OP, and I can't seem to find any patterns. I was wondering if any of you knew where I could find some. It doesn't really have to be exact, as long as it's similar to the style I could change a few little things to get the right style of dress. (By the way, I might want to add that I'm going for a more "classical" look, but I'll settle for any style really, I can't afford to be picky with the patterns, hehe)
Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. (^∇^)
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[dearie 2012] Dearie Loves Rilakkuma Summer Giveaway Contest!

Hello everyone! It's time for Dearie's first official FaceBook raffle to celebrate the long-awaited grand opening of the online shop!

After selling cute jewelry and accessories at Southern California conventions, lolita, and other J-culture events since 2008, I'm pretty excited to finally get that shop up and running and wanted to commemorate the event by giving away an awesome Dearie Loves Rilakkuma prize pack!

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Post made with permission by EGL mod lainnocence!