July 25th, 2012

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List of Lolita Guest

I'd like to compile a list of important events & conventions that have featured lolita guest at there events, for my own personal reason but I figured it could benefit the community as well. I know there been so many in the recent years so I am trying to limit to events that have feautred lolita guest whether they are singers, artist, designers, models or figures. The event can be anything from conventions, private parties, events organized by stores, tea parties ect. If you could include links to either a video, photo album, blog post or official link I'd love that too!

Name of the event:

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harry potter

not really about Lolita, but I thought maybe people could help

So apparently one of my pieces of art has been stolen from a Taobao shop. Has anyone dealt with this before? Is there anyone here that speaks Chinese so I can write to them and ask them to take it down?

It is not okay that they are selling my art without my permission.

This is the item:

My artwork is on the top right button, the one that says "math sucks balls."

This is the shop:

I'd appreciate any help. I know this isn't really about Lolita, but since we all kind of deal with taobao often, I figured maybe someone could offer some help. Thank you~