July 24th, 2012

Making a lolita petticoat tutorials?

Since I don't really know where I can get a good petticoat for my dress where I live, i've decided that i'll make one with the help of someone (since I can't sew..) instead. Where can I get some good tutorials for making them without using a machine (needle-style!)?

Help a new and lonely lolita please :)

Hi everyone. Didn't mean to sound pathetic :) I got into the fashion about a year ago. I am a gothic lolita, at least trying to be. Unfortunately, I only have one dress and some other pieces collected from various places and some sewn by me. I really want to own a dress from Moi-Meme-Moitie, but all are extremely expensive. While I am saving some money, I decided to buy these two dresses, one from Fanplusfriend and other from Qutieland. I know they are not the best brands yet... If you can make some reviews on these dresses, I would be so happy. These are the dresses:



Thank you. By the way, I said I was lonely because I live in Istanbul. If there is a fellow lolita in Istanbul, please contact me! 
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bodyline horned headdress

Sorry I really hate these types of posts, but I am confused about this item. In the little thumbnail picture displayed on the main page of the lolita headdress section, it shows the headdress with black lace. On the big picture after you click the thumbnail, it is black with white lace. There are no different color options on the page.

I think the all black headdress is adorable for punk/Gothic styles I am into, but I don't want to order it and get that nasty black and white monstrocity. Does anyone know which color I would be getting?

Hand Washing Milky Planet?

Ok, so I am going to sell an item soon, and would like to make sure it's nice and clean for the next owner, so I was wondering if Milky Planet Lavender can be cold water hand washed.  

I saw on the old list that the Yellow colourway can, and that a dry cleaner may take off the glitter; however, I haven't seen anything on any of the other colourways.

Anyway, if anyone has any tips for this piece or at all, please let me know!