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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion
July 22nd, 2012 
LenxMiku, VOCALOID, cute

I'm just a little bit curious about this.
Does an outfit stop being lolita as soon as you remove the petticoat?  I have a petticoat, and I wear it a good bit, but sometimes, especially if I'm going to be somewhere crowded or meeting older family members, I'll wear a JSK or a skirt with a blouse, kneesocks, and headdress, and I'll call it a day.  I'm usually wearing almost all lolita or loliable items, but no petticoat (for some reason, that makes my slightly uptight mom a lot more comfortable with the outfits).  Does the lack of petticoat stop these coordinates from being lolita, or does it just push it into casual territory?  I tend to wear pretty basic and old-school stuff, too, and sometimes my outfits border on otome.  Does that make them just plain otome?

Hi, guys! There is a good chance that I'll be moving to northern New Mexico very soon, (Taos, specifically) and was wondering if there were any other lolis there? I know I talked to one lolita who lived in Taos, but I can't for the life of me remember her name. I looked at the LJ page for New Mexico, and it hasn't been updated since February. I know a lot of lolitas comms have moved from LJ to facebook so it's probably not a great hint at how active the community is down there. 

Let me know if you live in New Mexico, or northern NM! 
So i have checked , the memories after lists of lolita shops in Hong kong. But all the list i found was from around 2010. I was wondering if anyone had an updated one ? 
ciel phantomhive
I ordered HMHM's Century End blouse in black and Infanta's Classical Clock Embroidery skirt.

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Hi everyone!
I'll be in Paris in the next month trough a student-house exchange and... I need some tips for what to do and see from attractions to shops to where eat something special. I'll think of the classical tourist tour + Bastille shops (AP and Baby) and then Disneyland resort or...what? I have only one week. We are also with a low budget of money. Please help me with your experience! Many many thanks!

So, I'm thinking of buying the regular Angelic Pretty Jewelry Jelly JSK, but I'm not sure of the actual measurements. A lot of websites claim it has a 68cm waist and an 88cm bust, but I've heard since it's one of the ones with full back shirring, that it can stretch a whole lot more than this, however I haven't been able to find any documentation of how big it'll go. I was just wondering if anyone knew how big it could actually go? I'm hoping I'm below the max. measurements (98cm bust, 84cm waist for me), but I'd like to know for sure before actually buying the dress. Thanks!
All the commotion about the replica's being banned on EGL, makes me wonder and wanna say this.

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