July 21st, 2012


Otakon tea party 2012

If you're going to Otakon next weekend, please join us for...

The lolita tea party that happened during last year's Otakon was a lot of fun (see the original post here and a little review here), so I wanted to try it again but with a gothic theme this time! We'll have tea, a coordinate contest, a gift exchange, and a chance to get away from the commotion of the convention center and enjoy some elegance before the long weekend really starts.
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Probably a stupid question

I know that Angelic Pretty has stamp cards, but I don't actually know what their rewards are and was curious. My questions for you are as follows. Do you get prizes or discounts for stamps? How many stamps does it take to receive a prize/discount? What was yours? Do you get one stamp per transaction or does it depend on how much you spend? That's all :) Thankyou.