July 19th, 2012

patterns and GLB?

Please forgive me if this is a very "newbie" question!

Is there anywhere I can find out what patterns are inside each copy of GLB? In GLB descriptions on Amazon and Ebay, it usually just says "pattern intact" or "includes pattern" or something like that. But it doesn't say what the pattern is for! Jsk? Blouse? Skirt? I want to know so I know which one I would like to buy. Are there any sites with better descriptions of each issue?

The seasonal Lolita

Ah weather, that wonderful thing that never does what you want it to do. Across the globe we are all about to enter the next seasonal shift those of us in the North have tearful adieus to bid to summer while those of us in the south shake off our coats in anticipation of warmer days.

We all know the Lolita basics; the items every Lolita should have in order to make up a functional wardrobe. But what of the seasonal basics? What should every Lolita have in order to make it through sleet or shine?

Time to share your helpful hints!

Savory Foods for Birthday Teaparty

Good morning ladies. I've come to you with a question, obviously.

My birthday is tomorrow, I'll be turning a cool 24 years old! One of my fellow rufflebutts heard that I had never been to a tea party, even as a child; never been to one, never seen one, never even been invited to one. She wanted to fix that for my birthday, so she'd baked a cake and has all the sweet things taken care of. I can bake anything under the sun, but at the savory-salty line? Unfortunately, my knowledge of tea party appropriate savory foods is pretty limited. It would hardly be appropriate to haul a pot of chili to a delicate tea party.

Ladies, help. What kind of savory finger foods could I bring? I'm lost!


Share your reserve ninja skillz

Usually, I buy all of my lolita second hand as I tend to mull over if I like something for a while before I jump ship and get it. That and I never seem to have the right amount saved up when something I really want comes out. However, the stars have finally aligned, well almost. I have enough money saved up, but not really sure how to go about getting the dress since the rules of reservations have changed [i.e. a SS can only get one main piece in each color? or something like that] and I'm fairly certain Chocolate Rosette will be a very popular print that will sell out well before i can get it online or something like that.

I'm also deathly afraid of trying multiple sources at once and ending up with 5 dresses or something crazy like that. So please share how you get your awesome dresses on reserve :)

p.s. does this need a cut?

Review: Japonica & Maiden Clothing

Hi! I just received an order from Maiden Clothing via Japonica, so I decided to do a review because I haven't really seen much about Maiden Clothing here, and also because I've ordered from Maiden Clothing with Japonica before but forgot to do a review. It's a secondhand store and there's not much out there about it.

This is my first post here, so I hope I'm doing this right~

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Sock length question

I want to buy some lace-topped knee socks from Metamorphose, but the size is listed as "length from heel: approximately 33cm". The length of my lower leg from heel to just below the knee is 41cm, so would the socks be too short? Should I order the over-knee socks instead, which are 50cm long, and scrunch them down a little?

UPDATE: In the time I spent debating which length of socks to buy, all the colours I wanted have sold out. Do Metamorphose re-stock their lace-topped basic socks? If so, how often?

What style of Lolita is this dress?

In about a bit over a weeks time, my local anime and video game convention will be on for the weekend and they are holding a Lolita parade with a catwalk (and I think there are judges for the Lolita too.). I would LOVE to enter it but but i'm just a bit worried about whether my Lolita looks good enough for it. I might take the risk anyway. The main reason for this post is that for the registration form you need to put down the style of the dress and I don't really have too much of a clue what style dress this would be classified as:

Please help me out guys! And for those who would like to know what anime convention it is, it's AVcon c: Thanks!

EDIT: I don't actually own the dress yet. I bought it on Friday and just today it's arrived in Tokyo (they take all AIR things over every Tuesday I think). I bought the dress in sax blue. As for what I'm wearing with it, pictures speak louder than words:

Shoes:http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/shoes259-2.jpg?7/19/2012%204:03:31%20AM (Sax blue)
Socks: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/socks396-2.jpg?7/19/2012%204:06:11%20AM
Wig: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/wig057-2.jpg?7/19/2012%204:09:19%20AM (Tay)

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I am in charge of the "M*lanoo's Many Shops List - Constantly Updated + Alphabetized!" page here on EGL that attempts to keep track of Milanoo umbrella/puppet/sock sites.

I recently have developed a problem. A user has asked me to remove the site my-lolita-dress.com, claiming it is hers and her friends. I immediately did, beacuse I usually just add sites on recommendation after checking them for fake/stolen images. She claimed all images were used with permission, and it's kinda true- most images have been not been Photoshopped or have new/fake logos on them, but some are from M*lanoo's site so... also this girl comes form China, which makes me suspicious, as M*ilanoo is also from China, but she has their kind of speech pattern and I'm starting to regret removing it.

I need someone to absolutely without a doubt PROVE/CONFIRM that My-Lolita-Dress.com IS OR IS NOT a Milanoo site! PLEASE no "Well it LOOKS like M*lanoo". I know it does. Doesn't mean it is.

Jewelry Question

Hello beautiful people, I have a little question about jewelry. I need to know if there are any accessories or jewelry that are necessary for an outfit, like I know there should be headwear of some kind but should a Lolita always wear and necklace and if so what kind. I realize that the answer would vary based on the outfit, anything OTT would require more everything but is there anything necessary regardless? I looked through the memories and tried the wonderful world of Google but I am still wondering.