July 18th, 2012

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Need opinions about a OP dress.

I have loved the fashion for years and would always look at stock photos of dresses. I could never get any until last night. I really like the dress but I have questions.

What type of lolita would be this classified as? I want too buy some accessories.

Is it... proper lolita? This is a first attempt and I love lolita. But would consider this decent qaulity and a good design? I want opinions?

My dress is shipping from Beijing. I'm worried that customs may give me tax or import duties. Has thishappened too anyone else?

Here is the dress:

Please be gentle. This is a first try.
[Bleach] Urahara: Sympathy for the Devil

Lolita, in MY office?

For a while, I've kind of felt like I was on the edges of the lolita community because I don't get very many chances to wear lolita. I have a full-time office job that requires at least business casual, which meant that I pulled my suits and matching skirt and blouse sets out from the back of my closet and put my lolita in the back instead.

Then I started thinking. Why can't I wear my lolita clothes at work? For the past month, I have started cycling some of my lolita into my work wardrobe, and I have gotten many compliments. I've decided to write up some tips for anyone in a business workplace who wants to introduce lolita into their work wardrobe.

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EGL Judges Community

Hello all,

July's Contest ROCKIN RETRO is still going! Please read the contest details here:
This month's prize is a fabulous fawn collar from Miss Lonely Lolita created by lovely lolita idgal!
Don't miss out on this awesome theme ♥

Now just a couple of reminders!

The contest committee is accepting donations for future prizes. If you have a webstore or your own brand and would like to be featured alongside a contest, or if you're just feeling generous and have some items you would like to give to a new home, please read this post for details!:
Please note due to our recent rule change: We are no longer accepting brand print replica garments in our donations. Thank you for your understanding.

We are also in need of a new judge to join our committee! If you think you have what it takes, please PM hanabishirecca! We are constantly on the lookout for new judges and volunteers and are looking forward to hear from you!

Thank you all, have a great day ♥

Sock Glue?

Do you use socks glue? If so, do you mind answering a few questions about it?

What brand do you use? Where did you get it? Does it really work that well? How long does it last? How does it feel on your skin? Does it affect your socks (discoloration, wearing away the material, etc.) while worn and/or after washing? Are you able to use the glue on tights so you can wear them under your OTKs in cold weather?

Are you willing to possibly do a review of your choice of glue?

Any help is appreciated! :]

(Canadian girls, if you found any at a store please let me know!)