July 17th, 2012

HELP!!! AP vs BTSSB Parasols

Hey fellow frills, I have wanted a parasol from the begging of time and now I have the chance to do so! The only problem is, I have no clue which brand makes a "better" parasol. These are the two I'm stuck between:

AP (Black x Pink)

BTSSB (Cream)

Price isn't so much the problem, it's a quality factor. I've heard that the print on Baby parasols run, but I've also been told AP's parasols are weak. I just need a word from those who own them and their experiences with the. :D

Lolita support community

what do you guys think of creating a lolita support community? Like for if anyones getting bullied and needs advice or if you or a friend is going through a hard time all the lolitas can support eachother through good advice. There may be something like this already I checked and didnt find it though. I think the community should be more say posotive than angry lace since thats just more of a place to rant about something bad but i think the community i have in mind is more like a way for lolitas to help say "patch each other up" after a traumatic experiance or if someones getting bullied they can give advice. what do you guys think? It was just a whim I had gotten while scrolling through EGL and tumblr today.

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white lolita


I have been thinking if I should post this or not..
But since I am sure I am not the only one, I want to write about this now.
Also I think you never should hide the fact that you are being bullied, please try to talk with someone about this.
I know it is hard to stand up to bullies, but if you do nothing it won't stop.

So I think all of us have been called names when walking down the street in full lolita,
but did it actually end up in violence?
Well for the first time in 8 years it did for me and I was not even wearing lolita but my friend did,
I was dressed in tattoo tights and a cute dress and wore a straw hat.

If you want to know the full story please click on read more..

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Announcing the Ban of Illegal Counterfeit Items on EGL

Hi, everyone,
We have been directly contacted by one of the major lolita brands and asked to ban the sale of illegal replicas. As brands fully have the grounds to report us to LJ for copyright infringement and have the community shut down while we allow the sale of replica items, we have decided to comply. This decision is final and it is not open to discussion or debate. The brand representative I spoke with requested that I keep their identity and our discussion confidential, so out of respect for this we can't really say much more at this time. We will, of course, try to answer what questions we can and I will be working with this representative over the next few days to get a full statement we can release to the community.

For now, more information about what this means to you:

What replica items does this extend to?
This ruling extends to illegal replicas of copyright items. This means you may not sell replicas of original prints, original screen prints, and brand logo- and character-shaped items. This does not extend to items unprotected by current copyright law, such as items similar to extant brand items (e.g. skirts with flower prints aren't banned simply because Baby produced a skirt with a flower print), non-print replicas, and items like shoes and bags not featuring logos. Not sure if your item is okay to post? Contact a mod and we can help you out, whether you want to sell or just talk about it.

What does this mean for illegal replica items?
On the sales community
Illegal eplicas may not be traded, sold, or bought. Additionally, you may not make WTB posts for illegal replica items. Anyone caught selling illegal replica items will have their post rejected or deleted. Members who sold illegal replica items in the past will be asked to remove said items from their posts if they wish to link to said old posts. Members caught selling illegal replicas and attempting to pass them off as real items will be treated as scammers and permanently banned.
You may not give reviews of or share tips on where to purchase illegal replica items. You may not discuss or advertise illegal-replica-related communities. Anyone caught doing so once will be warned and have their post deleted. Anyone caught repeatedly violating this rule will be permanently banned. For now, we will allow the discussion of illegal replica items to allow people to discuss how to differentiate them, or to ask whether their items are illegal replicas or authentic. Over the next couple of days we will institute an official policy regarding the discussion of illegal replicas, but for now unless you're asking questions about the authenticity of an item you're probably better off not talking about it.

What if I take a photoshoot with an illegal replica item?
Have at it, but don't talk about where you got the item or offer a review of it here.

What if I want and/or really like illegal replicas?
That's fine and we won't judge you for it. However, we are not willing to risk angering the brands or having our community shut down. There are numerous alternate venues where the discussion of illegal replicas is allowed and we are not attempting to shut down illegal replica sellers, so please take your discussion to those alternate communities and sites.

Please feel free to comment below; however, be aware that as always we reserve the right to screen or freeze any post that gets out of line. Additionally, please be aware that there may be questions we simply cannot answer at this time.

And finally, as stated above, this decision has been made, it's final, and it's not open to discussion or debate. If you want to buy, sell, or discuss replicas, EGL is no longer the place for it.
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Advice on cleaning shoes, bags, basically anything synthetic leather.

So today I had a staring match with my teaparties, and during that match had to ask them "How the **** did you get so dirty?" In response to my explitives, my mother handed me something. "This is what grandma used to use to get the scuffs out of shoes." You see, my grandmother was a spanish grandmother, and spanish grandmothers have an answer for everything. If you do not have one, do not ask how. Just accept it. What was the mystical device I used? The Tide Magic eraser. It gets out even the most disgusting of dirt and scuffs if you scrub hard enough, with no damage to your shoes. I mean terrible, horrible scuffs, the worst you can imagine. The kind you get from having them for years. Unless paint has been scratched off, the  eraser will take off the scuff and reveal perfectly clean material underneath. I don't have pictures, but tonight I transformed what I thought were trashed shoes into brand new. Try it and I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised:) I hope this can help someone.

DIY Dry Cleaning?

Hello everyone

I have a concern about certain clothing articles that are labeled to be dry-cleaned only.
I currently dont trust any dry cleaners to clean my clothes correctly without issues, 
so I was wondering about those DIY at home dry cleaning kits... Any lolitas tried them?
or how do others go about having their dry clean only clothes cleaned?

DIY at home dry cleaning kits... any reviews?
- Dryel
- Dry Cleaner's Secret by Woolite
- 15 Min. Dry Cleaner by Bounce
- Others?

Any help is appreciated :D