July 11th, 2012

Ordering from bodyline for the first time..

So I'm a beginner in Lolita and I'm WAY late with purchasing my Lolita for an anime convention coming up which I will be attending on the 28th and since I don't earn as much as a lot of people since I can't get a job yet, I decided to turn to Bodyline for Lolita. I have about 2 weeks for my Lolita to arrive in Australia. Because my measurements don't meet the ones found under the normal Lolita tab, I have to turn to the kids Lolita tab. I found these two dresses which I have my eye on:
Dress 1: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/kid006-2.jpg?7/10/2012%208:42:01%20AM (The black and white one)
Dress 2:http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showTBPic.asp?name=/bodyline/photos/kid005-2.jpg?7/10/2012%208:46:20%20AM (Again, the black and white one)
I'm just a bit curious though. My measurements meet the 140 sizes for both dresses but a lot of the dresses in the kids tab looks as if the would be smaller than the measurements say which has me a bit worried as to whether the dress will fit me or not. Would these two dresses fit an average-sized 13 year old or would they be set out or kids younger than I am? Also I hear about how shipping is quite fast with Bodyline and I'm also curious; what is the fastest best method for shipping to Australia and what would be the estimated time for it to get here? I only want to buy one of the dresses for the time being so give me your opinion on which one you like better too if you want c: Sorry for asking so many questions >.<!


Edit: Oh look at that, I learnt how to edit my post! Anyway if it helps my measurements are: Waist- 69cm, Bust- 80cm, Height 153cm.  Would the dress be too small on me? If so, could you possibly link me to a dress on bodyline which would be the right size? I'm only finding mediums throughout the normal lolita dress tab which seem a bit big for me..

Edit once again: Thanks for all the help everyone! I'm just wondering, where could I get a petticoat for the adult polka dot dress? Since I can't get it from bodyline coz theirs suck, I need a place with fast shipping before my convention. Once again, Thank you all!
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updated cleaning list.

Hello all me again.

I am just posting this to ask if anywhere there is a list of various brand prints and how they can be washed that is more up to date than the one currently archived. It's just I've just been there and like none of the prints I want information on are listed and I can't be the only one.

That is all short sweet and to the point...kinda like me minus the the to the point thing.
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Buying directly from AP San Francisco

I was wondering something - I'd like to buy some wristcuffs from the US Angelic Pretty online store. But when I go through the motions and do the "Estimate Shipping" option, it says the cheapest shipping to Europe would come to $40.50 - and that's a little more than the wristcuffs cost in themselves.

When my friend from San Fran SS'd me some socks from the store, it cost her half that amount to ship them, so I'm wondering if perhaps the "Estimate Shipping" thing is just that - an estimate - and later on in the ordering process I get notified of the actual shipping, which wouldn't come to that much...?

And if I wrote directly to AP to ask about this, would they block me from buying from them? I've heard some pretty spooky things about Brands blocking people and I don't really know what's up with that. Is it just something they do when you pre-order a recent release and then don't pay, or does it happen for something like my case as well?

By the way - yes, of course I could ask my friend to SS for me again, but I'd prefer not to ask her ALL the time. She has a life, and the AP staff are paid to send stuff out, but my friend's not. :)