July 9th, 2012

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Otakon Lolita show

Just a quick reminder! There is still plenty of time to apply! We are looking for Models, Designers and Crew still!

The Otakon Lolita Fashion Show is looking for models, crew, and new designers!

♥ To apply to be a model, please apply here!
✿ To apply to be a crew member, please apply here! (No, it doesn't mean being a gofer for the models or designers! Read the info in the post for clarification. :> )
★ To apply to be a designer, please apply here!

All comments on all three posts are screened, so only organizers will be able to see it. If you have any questions, you may direct them here! Thank you!

First Post! I have a question...

I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but I searched the community (and the internet) and had no luck finding an answer.

Is there a replica version of the Vanilla Chan JSK and Skirt? It doesn't look like there is, but I don't have much money and can't afford brand, so I'm curious.

How much does the real thing cost second-hand? I see a lot of pictures of people owning it, but no prices. With any luck, I'd be able to save up for a long time and finally buy it! I'd love to be able to put up a WTB post in the sales comm, but I'd like to know how much money I'd need to set aside first. It would be so awesome if I can own a full Vanilla Chan set someday!
Shiro Loli

What would YOU like to see in a Lolita documentary?

Hello everyone! I'm a Video Production student at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, TN, USA. In this major, one of the final classes I have to take is Documentary, where each individual student does everything- preproduction, production, and postproduction- themselves, to make a short documentary on a self-chosen subject.

Now, for me this class is a bit of a way off in the future, but every professor I've had has warned me you can't just walk into Documentary without a subject chosen already. You'll be doomed to fail. Best thing is to start thinking about a subject now.

I know I want to do a documentary on Lolita. It's really the one thing I'm passionate about, but the problem is, I think it's too broad of a subject, and I need to find either find a main subject to focus on, or find main points I want to hit within the fashion. I have a few ideas in mind, but since Lolita fashion is so community based, I'd actually like to see what you guys and gals come up with.

Try to keep in mind I'll be aiming this not so much at Lolitas, but at my professors and classmates who are not familiar with the fashion. So try to think of things that are interesting and understandable to "outsiders" but relevant to us. (Example: The replica debate might be a little boring/too deep for some people just wanting to know why we wear frilly dresses, but mentioning that brand is important in the fashion would be an interesting tidbit.)
happy nef

Ordered a package from Bodyline and...

It still haven't arrived yet.

I bought it 1st/2nd of this month and it shipping out the 3rd in Japan. They gave me a tracking number but the last time it updated was on the 5th at JFK Airport. (well, few days after, I think there tracking system is a bit slow). I know it's in the states now, but being it never update for a while and it's been a week now, I'm starting to worry. I did the normal AIR shipping.

Can someone tell me if this is normal or not?


Lolita exhibitions

Dear fellow Lolitas,

I am currently doing some research for a thesis and I thought it would be great to have a list of international Lolita exhibitions that took part anywhere in- or outside of Japan.
Do you know of any Exhibitions that clearly had Lolita fashion as a main topic? I would love to know how many of these already happened, where and in which years :) It would be really interesting to see where and at what time Lolita has been a topic important enough to have an exhibition about it.

So if you know any besides of the current Exhibition at the V&A in London, please let me know! I am really excited to see what comes up :)

Angelic Pretty Dreamy Horoscope JSK?

Hi everyone, I was looking at Angelic Pretty and the Dreamy Horoscope (white) looks nice, and I'm thinking about saving up for one. One problem that's making me hesitant is that on the display it looks a bit funny. Did anyone purchase this in a jumperskirt and have it either look good or bad on them? Did you need to bring in the waist or anything?
Thanks! <3
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