July 6th, 2012

Questionable blouse material

Hello everyone,

Innocent World just recently released their 'Flora Blouse' (http://innocent-w.jp/shopping/123103/index_e.html) for reserve but im questioning the material they chose for it because it looks like satin and seem borderline ''ita''. Of course, there are exceptions but i dont know if this one is... the design does feel like it counteracts the satin material chosen a bit. Anyone else agree?
What do you all think? Does it work or doesn't work? Examples of satin-like material blouses that you feel does work?
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Measurement Help? ;3;

Hi there. This is my first post here, and I wouldn't post this silly question -- but I've been hunting down information with no such luck. I am trying to find the max bust and waist for a few dresses/skirts, since it seems that Bodyline's measurements vary. I would really love the max measurements for the following, if possible:

L251, Bodyline, Soft Cream, Blk, 2L (Says up to 110cm on their website, but can it go just a bit more?)
L290, Bodyline, Balloons JSK, Blk (Says 90cm max on BL)
L252, Bodyline, Soft Cream Skirt, Blk (84cm max, but I was told it may go up to 92cm? Can it go anymore?)

I'd really appreciate the help, as I'm considering purchasing these and I'd like to make sure they fit. I'm 114cm~ (45") in bust, waist is around 109cm~ (43") ish. ;3; Thank you in advanced...
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Buying From Baby?

Hello > . < I'm trying to order a cutsew from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and I'm a bit confused, do I have to e-mail them or can I use the shopping cart? I see a lot of people saying they HAD to order via e-mail, but then on the baby site they have instructions for ordering via shopping cart. Also, if I can pay by shopping cart, can I pay by paypal or do I have to use my credit/debit card?
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