July 5th, 2012


juliette et justine tea party london september 2012

Hello everyone! Just to let you know that tickets for the head table to sit with head designer Nakamura and GLB editor Mariko Suzuki and have traditional British afternoon tea at the sold out Juliette et Justine additional tea party on Sunday 9th September are now up on Ebay. Original tickets sold out in around 8 minutes, so if you missed it first time, now is your chance!

There is only 5 tickets available and they're staggered over 12 hours to give equal chance to bidders worldwide.

1st ticket:
Ends around 11.30pm this Saturday UK time (10.30pm UTC)

Ends around 2.30am THIS SUNDAY UK time (1.30am UTC)

Ends around 5.30am THIS SUNDAY UK time (4.30am UTC)

4th appearing around 8.30am. Ends around 8.30am THIS SUNDAY UK time (7.30am UTC)

5th (and final!) appearing around 11.30am. Ends around 11.30am THIS SUNDAY UK time. (10.30am UTC)

We're also auditioning for models for the main event on Saturday 7th September. Nakamura will be choosing 10-12 girls from your photos (submit to teapartyclub@ymail.com) and you will be lent two outfits by JetJ to wear on the day, with the possibility of being featured in the Gothic and Lolita Bible!

Only around 50 tickets or so are left for the main event! This is on Saturday 8th September at the Charing Cross Hotel, Charing Cross (right next to the station!), London, England.

Hope to see you there!!!

Differently Abled Lolitas

Hello all! This is my first post to EGL so yay! I am a Lolita with Cerebral Palsy (very mild but I still use a wheelchair), slight scoliosis, and ADHD. Yes, I have issues! Anyway, I was wondering if there are any more "disabled" (I hate that word) Lolitas out there! Does wearing Lolita have anything to do with your disability? It does for me. I hate getting stared at in "regular" clothes because I know people are staring at my wheelchair, but when I wear Lolita or when I cosplay (I keep the two VERY separate), I like it when people stare at me because I know they're looking at me and not my wheelchair. When I wear Lolita I feel pretty for once and not like a freak.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has any tips for me if I ever go to a meetup. Will people not be as welcoming to me because I am in a wheelchair and (for now) only wear offbrand and thrift store stuff? How do you recommend I start a conversation (I'm not good at going up to people as I'm self conscious because of my chair)?

Two more questions of mine. I consider myself a Classic Lolita, but I usually wear white and black. Is it still Classic Lolita? My outfits are more subdued than a lot of Gothic Lolita. My mother says I look like a Victorian schoolchild and friends have said Victorian doll. Last question, Is it okay for me to wear a not as poofy petti or even no petti at all? Poof monsters are very hard to manage in a wheelchair.

If you are a differently abled Lolita or have answers to my questions, please reply to this thread!

Banned Seller Info

Please be aware that the user faerydragonet is now banned from hosting group orders on egl_comm_sales</lj>. Additionally, she is temporarily banned from selling on the community.

This ban comes as a result of a group order that was begun back in November of 2011. According to faerydragonet, who organized the group order, the items were not delivered as a result of production delays. However, she has offered extremely poor communication and customer service to her order's participants. She has provided neither refunds nor items whose production had not been delayed, and furthermore has all but stopped responding to inquiries from participants and moderators. Furthermore, it was recently revealed that she told a participant of the GO that she could only offer a partial refund, when the participant's items had in fact been sold to another user. 

Due to the lack of contact and lack of items, we have no choice but to consider this a scam and have punished this seller accordingly. Production delays occur; however, it is GO organizers' responsibility to stay in contact with buyers, and offer avenues for buyers to get their items if the original order doesn't work out.

You can see additional information about the situation here, here, and here. We advise all participants of this GO (or any other one of her GOs) to contact us immediately and keep us updated on the status of their order. We also encourage participants to leave feedback for this seller here regarding their experiences, so other members are aware of her behavior.

Please be wary when buying and selling on other sites and communities (e.g. egl_group_order or the Facebook sales groups), and always request links to a seller's eglfeedback page to ensure they are not attempting to evade a ban.
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DoL Reviews and Stuff?

Hey everyone who reads this. I'm new to the egl comm, though I've been wearing Lolita for some time. But anyway, I just wanted to ask about something. I was looking for the Vanilla-Chan OP or JSK in Pink (It's an AP print that was released in 2010) and I saw a DoL replica of it on Qutieland. I'm hearing mixed reviews about it, so I wanted to know your input on it. I would like a few reviews or ideas. Also, if I ever can find the original, how much could it fit up to? I was a bit worried about the sizing. I'm also thinking about buying Rose Melody or Kids Yoyo. What about them? Are they any good? Any input would be nice! Thank you!
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Lolifying my life


Lately I've been a little down about my Lolita aspect in life. When I read Lolita blogs about other Lolita's lives or pictures of a Lolita's life it make me feel very empty.
I consider myself and think about what cute aspects I've put into my life. And come to think of it there are little to none.
I just don't seem to find the time, and effort to Lolify my life at all. I really miss wearing my dresses. I've got a whole wardrobe full but never wear any of it.
Each time I do I consider what I'll be doing that day. And decide to wear more practical clothes instead as I get everything dirty or sweaty.
Also my room lacks girlishness. As I keep everything practical and neat but it has no personal touch whatsoever. It feels so empty being in my room and feels more like a hotel room where I only sleep.

Any tips to lolify my life/room/etc a bit more?
I need a bit more pink and glitter filled with cupcakes and macarons at the moment!

Super Southern Florida lolitas?

Hello everyone!

I just started up building my lolita wardrobe and I'd like to get to know other lolitas in my area! I live waaaaay down south in Florida, in the Ft. Myers / Cape Coral area. Anyone else in this area? If so, please comment!


Edit: A Facebook group page has been made! If you'd like to be a part of the group, check it out :) http://www.facebook.com/groups/261779587268658/

Wig wearers with larger heads...some advice?

I tried to wear a wig for the first time this weekend; I tried wearing it twice throughout the weekend. Both times ended up with me taking it off before the end of the day due to major head pain. The problem seems to be that the wig cap is simply too tight on my extremely large head (it's a family trait). I've tried putting the wig cap over something to stretch it out but it still seems to be overly tight. Do any other large-headed wig wearers have tips on how to wear their wigs comfortably?

Note: The wig is a larger-sized one, and it definitely fits my head. It just seems the wig cap is the trouble.
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