July 1st, 2012

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July Community Updates

Artwork this month is by elivior. You can view more of her work on her DeviantArt.

Want your artwork featured? Click here for details on our monthly Banner Contest!

The General Theme for July is Lolita and Film
Lolitas certainly love having our pictures taken, but we also look great on film! Show us your original lolita-themed short films, or, in a different vein, discuss your favorite films that feature lolita fashion or characters who dress in lolita. See you on the silver screen!

The Aesthetic Theme for July is Retro
Coordinates with a vintage feel from decades past or retro prints like poodles and polka dots reign supreme this month! Share with us your neat-o retro coordinates and you'll be the cat's meow!

Jacksonville's summer meetup at Ancient City Con.

                         Please join us!                         
Where: Jacksonville Landing
2 Independent DriveJacksonville, Florida 32202        
Sunday, July 21st @ 1:30pm
We'll all meet in the food court (which is on the second floor) of the Jacksonville Landing (a food and shopping center that is across the street from the hotel that Ancient City Con is being held at), eat lunch, and then proceed to hangout, shop, and have fun!

Some of us will be bringing a few loli items to swap or sell, and anyone is welcome to participate in that.

                                                              Hope you can make it! :) 
For more info about this event and our local group, check out the Jacksonville Loli Society on facebook!     
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