June 29th, 2012

URGENT: Scam Warning

You may remember back in November, we had issues with a scammer. She gained access to members' information by scrolling through sales posts, looking for exposed PayPal addresses. When she found them, she sent false invoices and members paid them without thinking.

While the scammed members were able to get their money back, this has unfortunately occurred again. The scammer has been using the same techniques to cheat members out of their money. Their PayPal address is crazy_lolixx@hotmail.com. If you receive an invoice from this PayPal address, do not pay it. Please PM myself or another moderator and we will help you handle the issue.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind members to be careful with their personal information. DO NOT post your PayPal address publicly if possible. Instead, we advise you PM the seller your PayPal address, and then comment to inform the seller you intend to purchase and you have sent your PayPal address via PM. If you must post your PayPal address publicly, verify with the seller that they have sent an invoice. You should also request that the seller screen your PayPal address as soon as possible. If they do not respond to this request in a timely manner, PM myself or another moderator with a link to your comment and a request to screen it.

Finally, if you have any information regarding this case, please PM a moderator as soon as possible! If you do not feel comfortable PMing one of us, you may comment anonymously on this post.
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Qutieland Review ~an*tai*na, classical puppets + dear celine~

Hi everyone! I'm brand new here, so please excuse me if this post is not allowed >w< So, my friend Beth (nerdalizdicks) ordered a bundle of stuff from a few taobao shops through Qutieland, and it arrived just the other day! I bugged her to do a review on her stuff as I was dying to see what the quality was like.

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