June 28th, 2012

How to: Lolita Phone Case

Hello everyone, 

  I have a tutorial for a lolita phone case, though I am new member on egl so I'm kinda nervous about posting a full tutorial just off the bat. Could someone give a tutorial to posting a tutorial? (^_^)
This is a picture of my recovered phone case for people who are interested (All my pictures are on Flickr with a rough guide on how to the the recovering).


Thank you very much~!
(PS: Sorry for my blatant newbie-ness) 

Cute sneakers?

Does anyone know where I can find a pair of cute, hopefully not too expensive, sneakers? Similar to the AP converse ones or something like this? My taobao-fu sucks so I couldn't find anything on there. I also checked Yosuke, Candy Stripper, and a variety of other places.

EDIT: I tried a bunch of different search terms on taobao and found a few cute pairs. I figured I'd share them in case anyone else is looking for the same thing:

white lolita

Summer <3

I was just wondering what is your favorite lolita summer dress??
Please show pictures :D
I guess it won't be summer every where right now, but maybe you have a old picture.

Mine is Baby the stars shine bright, Jewel tree.

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Oh my gosh! There are so many reviews on EGL right now!

Which has completely reminded me that some time ago I had actually made a community specifically for Lolita reviews, and more recently, revived it and actually did something with it.


Right now, it's pretty empty, but I would actually love for it to be more of a database than a traditional discussion community, and I completely encourage crossposting to this community, or simply sharing links to reviews you made elsewhere, or reviews of Lolita goods by other people that you just want to share!

Because this is intended to be more of a database, it has a sort of complex tagging system so that people can easily find reviews that they are looking for. I am really hoping that the tagging system isn't confusing, and those that I've asked have assured me it isn't, but if you are confused, please let me know!

There's more info about the community in the welcome post. The community is practically empty at the moment, as this is the first time I've mentioned it outside of my Friends page or just in a comment thread, but anyone who joins is more than welcome to help out by sharing any reviews they happen to have done before or have stumbled across. Or, better yet, to post their reviews directly to the comm!

Please keep in mind that this is in no way meant to keep reviews off EGL (loli_review is definitely not affiliated with EGL in any way!), just meant as a, hopefully, easy place to either post reviews or to find reviews.

Just a little warning, because this is more of a database, you might not want to add it to your friends page, because, especially now while I'm trying to sort of fill out the database a bit, I might sort of flood your F-list with reviews I found online :X

Lolitas and Jfashion on KTLA Morning Show

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a short segment that aired this morning on KTLA channel 5.
This was a promotion on Anime Expo and a focus on the fashion department and Japanese fashion.