June 25th, 2012


More Information about this Jacket

Hello All,

My googling skills have failed me, so I hope someone here can help find more information about the jacket.

Info I have so far: I know it will fit me bust 36", waist 30" and that is was part of a pant set by Aatp. I also missed buying in on CC about 4 years ago because I was too nervous XD (Is this the story of anybody else's life?)

thank you

Ita Lolita in Japan

I was doing my usual checking of the blogs I follow to see if anyone had made any updates, and I came across this interesting article about what they consider Ita in Japan.


I think it was a very interesting read, and it just makes it even more funny how some new lolitas in our own international community consider our rules "strict" when the rules on that list are even more strict! 

EDIT: I know that it is pretty much impossible for one person to speak on behalf of an entire community no matter what we're talking about. Remember that no, this is not a contract signed by every single lolita in and of the country of Japan. Please just take it for what it is: One post in japanese talking about what is considered ita by him/her. Whether or not every single lolita in japan agrees with this is unknown.

What do you do when a dress you love doesn't fit you?

Good day ladies,

I'm having a lolita crisis here. I have a jsk that I adore, and I wear whenever I get a chance. However, I'm fairly tall and although I'm not too 'large' to fit into it, the dress is a baby-doll dress and looks no less than a bit 'peculiar' on me. I've seen tall girls pull off baby-doll but for some reason I feel like the dress and my body shape (which although not too large, is still curvy) do not get along. 

My own personal rule of thumb has always been, a dress should to be worn to flatter both my image and the dress. If it doesn't, then we aren't meant to be. So, I've been thinking about selling the dress. But I really do adore it for its design and print. On the other hand I hate to see it just hang in my closet....and at this point I feel like someone else could do it better justice.  

Has anyone else had this trouble in lolita fashion? Whether it's finding out a dream dress is not the right size or it's in a style you just can't pull off? How did you deal with the heartbreak? What do you ultimately decide? 

With love,

PS. Am I being melodramatic? lol 
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