June 19th, 2012

Hello, New England Lolitas!

Greetings, lolitas of New England! As of late, I have felt like it would be fun to make a special group for the lolitas of the north-eastern area, so we can be more acquainted! I hope for it to be a fun place to discuss lolita related topics and also try to arrange meet-ups and activities within the New England area, instead of JUST a community for each state. Why not expand and get to know other lolitas in your "general area" as well?!


Feel free to +follow and submit an introduction to your lovely self with the "introduction template" http://new-england-lolitas.tumblr.com/post/25274685708/introductions

 Thanks for viewing and can't wait to meet you all! :D

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Official Info for SECOND Misako Tea Party is UP!

Hi everyone, due to the many disappointments of fellow Misako fans and lolitas, of not being able to purchase a ticket for the Tea Party. We have opened up another opportunity for you to join us for a SECOND tea party that will take place later in the after noon.

The second tea party will also be hosted by Misako Aoki. It will also be held Saturday, June 30th only, however the time will be from 5:30pm till 7:00pm at Lounge 21. 

Tickets will go on sale this Friday June 22 promptly at 8pm. Be sure to have your AX registration complete in order to be eligible to purchase a ticket. Only one ticket per person will be allowed.

Please follow the Anime Expo Facebook page for updates

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SD Comic Con Lolita Meetup

Hello lovely lolitas! The SD Lolitas are hosting a meetup during Comic Con. You do not have to hold a badge to participate in the picnic. There will be games, icebreakers, and contests. The contests for this year are best dressed: Classic, Sweet, Gothic & Aristocrat, and Themed / Nerdy lolita. There will be contests for participants as well. Please take a look at the event and I hope we are able to meet many of you coming to SD in about a month or so!



Date: (Tentatively) Saturday, July 14, at 1pm.

The time might change depending on SDCC programming so please bear with us as we wait for the final program to come out before we finalize the date & time.