June 17th, 2012


New Community: frillreplicas

Hello all.

This is to announce a new community, frillreplicas
It is a place to talk about replica clothing in lolita fashion. Please read the sticky before posting :)

*frillreplicas is not affiliated with EGL and its sister communities. The opinions expressed by contributors to frillreplicas may not be shared by EGL and its moderation team.

Posted with permission from sew_sweet. Thank you very much.

Lolitas Cooking ( Come on, it's June!)

I've been waiting to see if anyone else is posting on this, but it doesn't look like it. So, cooking and Lolita. Is there really a connection in your mind between the two, or is it another one of those iffy/lifestyle topics?
Is it only Lolita if you're making bunny-shaped shortbread, or is it REALLY lolita when you're creating an authentic Victorian tea ceremony one special weekend?
What are your thoughts?


Hello everyone!

I have a question about Fairy-Angel.net
I ordered an ETC umbrella jsk from them earlier this month and haven't heard anything about shipping. I received the payment confirmation the same day I ordered it, but nothing about my dress getting shipped. This was on June 2nd. The last review egl has done on Fairy-Angel was in 2011 and their item was shipped pretty quickly. I've sent them an email and an inquiry to their international site (one about shipping another about changing my address) and today I just sent an inquiry through their main site (fairy-angel.com). 

So I'm kind of worried since they haven't replied and it's been 2 weeks.. Any thoughts?

EDIT 6/24/12: I just got an email from them saying they shipped on the 22nd; I tracked it and it's already in SF! (I live in the bay area) But it's obvious they completely ignored my inquiries since the shipping is address is still wrong.. Guess I have to just run to my neighbor's.

Can someone tell me what print this is?

iv'e quit Lolita for about 1 year ago, because of my studies. and i thought about getting started again...
my friend shared this picture on facebook, and as you could imagine I've lost the track of dresses and prints and so on...

at first i thought this could be BBTSS or AATP, (apparently not?) 
It's neither from Qutieland (tabao), Moi Meme Moite, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty  or Innocent World(I just checked their online stores, dont know they may be out of stock anywhere for all i know)

here's the photo: