June 12th, 2012

Bodyline shipping problems?

I have been noticing a sort of theme in the questions I have been getting on my blog lately. There seem to be a lot that have to do with problems with ordering from Bodyline. Most of them are things like orders taking a lot longer than usual to ship, not responding to customer questions, and most recently someone ordered two pairs of shoes and only one pair arrived.
Would anyone happen to know why Bodyline seems to be having so many problems lately? I know they've done some sketchy stuff but I've always known them to be pretty reliable when it comes to shipping items in a timely fashion.
(By the way, I'm sorry if this has been brought up before. I looked through a few pages and didn't see anything but it's late and I'm tired so I may have just missed it.)

Other forms of payment, other than Paypal

So I got an email today saying Paypal is going to start holding my payments for 21 days. 
These are the reasons why they could've decided to hold my payments

  • You have a limited history of selling activity on eBay or elsewhere
  • You are new to selling on eBay or elsewhere
  • You have been a PayPal seller for less than 6 months
  • If selling on eBay, you have an eBay feedback score less than 100 and haven't yet established a good record as a seller
  • You have received less than 20 Detailed Seller Ratings on eBay in the last 12 months or your eBay seller performance is below standard
  • You have a high rate of customer disputes or a low eBay feedback percentage
  • You have a sudden change in selling activities (e.g. you're suddenly selling expensive items, selling large numbers of items, etc.)
  • You happen to be selling in a high risk category such as tickets, travel, gift vouchers, consumer electronics, smart phones, etc.

The thing is though, I don't fall under ANY of these categories! I've closed my seller account on ebay, I'm not new to selling, there is no sudden change in selling activities and no high risk category. I'm going to give them an angry phone call because this really makes my life a hassel, but until that is sorted out, are there any other safe methods of receiving money when selling things on the comm_sales?

History Of Fashion

Hello ladies! it's been soo long since i last posted here, today i wanna tell you about a series of posts i've been doing on my blog about History of Fashion, since the article of Lolita & Period Fashion was so successful i thought you might be interested in this one too, so far i only wrote the first article about Renaissance but i'll get to Baroque next month after i'm done with finals. The article is both in english and spanish, you can read it Here 
Please tell me what you think either here or on the blog!
Have a lovely day.

Hoop petticoats?

I read somewhere, a couple of months ago in passing, that you can buy hoop petticoats and I think that would be a great idea for the summer (since it gets soo hot) and I was wondering if those are still around or if they would even work to give the right shape. If they do work, where would I be able to buy one? And if anyone has/had one could you post pictures of how they look worn? 

Thank you! :3

New Japanese indie lolita brand " Funny Lolita"

Does anyone know anything about this new Japanese indie Lolita brand called " Funny Lolita" ?

It is actually quite new. What I know is all the dresses were hand made/sew in Japan by designer. The size is very flexible.
It has really big stirring at back, which fits most of the size
Bust is from 70cm~126cm
Waist: 66cm~118cm
Their also have their original print such as these

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How do you organize your Loli clothes?

So sorry if this has been discussed before!

My closet needs some cleaning and I need some inspiration on how to organize my Lolita clothes. How do you organize yours? Pics would be nice but they are not needed. I'm hoping to have an entirely Loli closet and banish all of my "normal" ( for lack of a better word ) clothes to a dresser outside of my closet if I can get one. lol And I'm hoping to be a daily or at least nearly-daily Lolita eventually once I get enough clothes, if you are one already, how many Lolita clothes do you need for that and how many "normal" clothes should you keep?

Also, very off-topic but do cutsews need to be ironed? Just wondering, because I recently ordered a couple.